VIDEO: Marko Spica

Not too many people have seen UCLA's mystery recruit, 6-9 Marko Spica from Serbia Montenegro, but here's an exclusive chance for all BRO subscribers to check out the post prospect who signed a National Letter of Intent with the Bruins...

The tape isn't high quality, so there are clips that are difficult to decipher.

Spica is #10 in black in every highlight. There are some clips where he is scoring the ball, but a few where he makes the pass or plays post defense.

In watching the entire video of Spica, here's an evaluation:

Estimates that he's about 6-8 1/2 look to be accurate. A decent athlete who isn't greatly explosive off the floor, but has good feet and moves laterally well. He looks fairly young still, with a good frame that looks like he could put on muscle. His ability to get out and run was encouraging, that he's a more mobile post and not a half-court plodder.

He's a center, feeling most comfortable and most effective closer to the basket. He naturally has a good post feel, can go both ways and use both hands, but needs to polish his offensive skills. While he has a good natural offensive feel, his touch is still fairly raw. While he can shoot out to 17 feet or so, he can't put the ball on the floor, which will keep him playing closer to the basket, at least intially at UCLA. He has a good natural stroke on his jumper but also needs to polish it. Probably the most intriguing aspect of his offensive game was his good passing instinct. Probably what also attracted UCLA was Spica's defensive instincts, looking like he has good quickness defensively for his size (at least against the Eastern European competition).

It will be interesting to get another look at him. At this point, he seems like he's a good potential prospect, one that isn't necessarily as polished as you might expect from a European. He also is about as athletic as you might expect. But in also talking with those that have seen him, he's young and has a very good upside on just natural ability and feel.

Spica looks to be someone who will be able to provide UCLA more low-post scoring, which they've sorely lacked in recent years. He's a high major prospect -- not at the level of Deon Thompson, but probably closer to the level of Alex Stepheson, but very different (Spica being more skilled but not the athlete Stepheson is).

Highlights of Marko Spica -- Watch Video

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