Vikings Court Bieniemy

The Minnesota Vikings are courting UCLA running backs coach and recruiting coordinator Eric Bieniemy, and here is what BRO has heard about the situation...

The Minnepolis Star Tribune is reporting that UCLA running backs coach Eric Bieniemy was "entertained" by the Vikings Wednesday. The Tribune said it expected the Vikings to add Bieniemy to its staff by the end of the week.

Some sources here in Los Angeles have also indicated that the Vikings job is very enticing to Bieniemy. He has apparently checked into the medical facilities available for his son, Eric III, who has cerebral palsy.

When Texas courted Bieniemy in the off-season a year ago, the medical facilities available were a big factor in Bieniemy's decision. UCLA, at that time, arranged for better care for Bieniemy's son, while also sweetening his salary, enough to keep Bieniemy at UCLA.

It's uncertain, though, whether UCLA will be able to do it again. It's well known that Bieniemy's goal was to get an NFL running backs coaching position. UCLA, while able to be in the same ballpark as Texas salary-wise, can't compete with an NFL salary.

It's been learned, though, that UCLA will try to get Bieniemy more money. And it's known that Bieniemy is comfortable at UCLA, which is his hometown, and with the situation with his son and having his extended family around him. He also likes working with college kids and enjoys the recruiting end of the college game.

Losing Bieniemy, who is also UCLA's recruiting coordinator, would be a particular blow to the UCLA program. While not just considered a good running backs coach, Bieniemy is also the heart and soul of UCLA's recruiting efforts. Every year many recruits cite their relationship with Bieniemy as a major factor in considering UCLA.

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