Stevens Rates His Visit High

How did Tallahassee, Florida, linebacker Craig Stevens rate his official visit to UCLA this weekend? And 8? 9? 9.5? And did it give UCLA a chance with the elite prospect?

Craig Stevens, the 6-2, 215-pound linebacker from Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln, said his official visit to UCLA was probably his best.

"Yeah, I probably had the most fun on this visit than any other," Stevens said. "I'd give this one a 9.5."

Stevens, though, wouldn't say that he has a leader among the schools recruiting him, UCLA, Clemson, Alabama, Auburn and Maryland. Stevens said, "It's hard to name a leader. I've seen so many good schools, but UCLA is definitely in the running after that visit."

Stevens has visited four of the schools he's considering, with one more official visit planned this coming weekend to Clemson. "Yeah, I could make up my mind after that visit," Stevens said. "It will be more of a thing where I get a feeling. So I don't know exactly when. But after I visit Clemson it could be anytime."

In comparing his official visits, Stevens said they all had a unique feel to them. "All of them would rank as eight to tens. Maryland was up north and that has a certain feel to it. UCLA was out west. ‘Bama and Auburn were kind of the same, with the same feeling."

When asked specifically about his UCLA visit, Stevens said, "It was just great. I loved it. Coach (Karl) Dorrell is really cool, and down to earth. Everything went good. I was hosted by (UCLA safety/linebacker) Shawn Oatis and it was great to meet the players and get along with them. The coaches told me that I'd be able to come in and get a chance for a lot of playing time."

Going all the way from Florida to California was a considerable bit of travel, but Stevens said he didn't think the distance would be a factor. "You get homesick wherever you go," Stevens said. "The distance really isn't a big factor."

Would the distance be a factor for his family? "No," Stevens said. "My family will let it be my decision."

When considering the opinion of others, though, Ashton Henderson, Stevens' high school teammate, also visited UCLA officially with him, and Stevens said the two have talked about going to UCLA together. "We've talked about it since Coach Dorrell came to my high school last spring. We've talked about it. But I'll do what I have to do and he'll do what he has to do. If we go together, we go together."

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