Florida Prospect Talks About Visit

Ashton Henderson, the 6-0, 185-pound cornerback prospect from Tallahassee (Flor.) Lincoln, said his UCLA official visit this last weekend was "wonderful"...

Ashton Henderson, the 6-0, 185-pound cornerback prospect from Tallahassee (Flor.) Lincoln, said his UCLA visit was "wonderful," but he still is leaning slightly to Ole Miss.

"It was a wonderful visit," Henderson said. "Everything was just great. It was well-structured, with a lot to do and see. And Los Angeles speaks for itself. It's a beautiful place to be, and a beautiful campus."

Did it make the competition for his services tighter? "It did," Stevens said. ‘It's really between UCLA and Ole Miss right now. Sometimes I think UCLA, sometimes I think Ole Miss. Ole Miss probably has a little edge. But the visit to UCLA, well, it's made them neck and neck."

Stevens plans to visit Michigan State this weekend and then his plans are still up in the air. He said, "After that I don't know what I might do. I might visit Ohio State or South Florida but I'm not sure."

He said he really wants to get to his visit to Michigan State and thinks he will. "I could commit before that, but I really want to see all the schools I have planned to see," Stevens said.

But the UCLA visit really made up ground on Ole Miss with Stevens, and he gave us a few reasons why: "The players, the guys I was around, I hit it off pretty well. I like to be around those type of people, the ones that can easily accept you. They treated me really well. The coaches, they're wonderful. Coach (Karl) Dorrell, there's nothing I could say negative about him. He's a well-polished guy. I could definitely see myself fitting in there with the players and the personalities. They're down-to-earth people that I could easily be around every day. I could definitely see myself living in Los Angeles, too. I'd have to get used to that traffic, though. That 405, goodness."

When asked about what is probably the biggest factor in his decision, Henderson cited the university outside of football. He said, "Even if I wasn't playing, would I be happy there? With UCLA and Ole Miss, if I weren't playing football, I think both places are excellent. I'd be happy at both of those places, to tell you the truth. Probably another big factor is the academics. That's a big reason why I was considering UCLA, because of their academic program. It means a lot to my parents. And when I was there, they were showing me how UCLA is rated, like, 20th in the country academically. My parents really want me to get a good education and they know I'd be getting one there."

Henderson said he has an in-home visit with Michigan State this coming Tuesday, before his official visit to East Lansing. He also said that Dorrell told him that he'd be coming to Florida in late January.

With Ole Miss holding a slight lead after his UCLA visit, Henderson said that UCLA still had a shot to get his commitment, though. "They do have a shot," Henderson said. "They have a lot going for them. Like I said, they're really neck and neck. I guess, also, it would take just take more comfort level, knowing that I could come see my family during the breaks. The distance part. If I was assured more about that I could see myself at UCLA."

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