VIDEO: Howland's Presser

Head Coach Ben Howland talks to the media in his weekly press conference, of course talking about the ever-present injuries, specifically to Alfred Aboya, and the the USC game Wednesday...

The beginning of Coach Ben Howland's comments:

"He (Alfred Aboya) came out of the game Saturday afternoon, and then at halftime he ran around on it, and was cleared to go back in it. I did not feel comfortable, or thought it was prudent, based on how many injuries he's had on his knees. I obviously thought he could help us. But I thought it was prudent to do the MRI, which we did after the game on Saturday. It was read by our radiologist on Monday morning. And basically he has no new damage. What he does have, he still has significant articular cartilage damage to that knee. When he first arrived here in the summer, and we did his physical, he had swelling in that knee. So we did an MRI at that point. He did damage in both knees for a while. Actually, when Gerald Finerman did the surgery back in July on that right knee, he had concern that there was articular cartilage damage, which is something that doesn't go away. It's something that long-term is something for him to deal with during his career. He did clean up the meniscal tear that was in there at that time.

"It's very difficult to read an MRI when there's already been damage to the knee and already been surgery. It's not an easy thing to read. We're comparing one MRI to another MRI. That's what radiologists do. It's sad that I know all of this, first of all. I'm getting to be an expert at all of this stuff. The point is, he went for an hour yesterday, without contact, and watched the film, watched the game as a team, had six or seven guys come out and do shooting and conditioning that I thought needed it, had some other players that had two days off to get their legs back a little bit, and he was great. He went for an hour, he went hard, and he did really well. And there were no problems. I saw him earlier when he was going up to shoot with Cedric Bozeman and Arron Afflalo, and he seems to be fine. He'll practice today and I expect him to be able to play tomorrow, based on what we've seen thus far.

"Ced Bozeman was cleared to shoot and dribble today. We just finished working out in the men's gym for about 40 minutes. He's lost some conditioning, being out for three weeks. The thing that bothered him today was the right knee, the tendonitis he has from the operation. It didn't have anything to do with his shoulder. His shoulder was fine. Because of having three weeks off, it's his conditioning, and also it was his knee was the one thing that bothered him today. He has to do some strengthening and get in and ice it. That was really a positive, though, to see him do that today."

Did he have full range of motion?

"Yeah, there are certain rotational areas where he has some pain, but it's definitely getting better. It didn't impeded him at all from shooting and dribbling, which is positive. We do not expect him to play at all this week. But from what I saw today there is some hope for him to return this year, and that would obviously be a huge boost for us. Three of our top six players are out right now."

Is it something that has happened before, and could happen again?

"According to what he says, it happened before, but not him. It happened to him when he was at the Tilton School in New Hampshire. It hasn't happened in quite a while. There was no contact or anything. He turned off balance and fell back on his heel and then when he went to take off, you could see on the tape, he pulls up lame. There is a possibility that it could happen again because it has happened before."

How is Michael Fey?

"His ankle still has significant swelling in it. It's been like that for three weeks. We're hoping the swelling is going to go down, because we need all the bodies we can get out there. It's just really too bad for Mike, because if you consider all the things he's had to go through this season. The groin injury for six weeks. His shoulder popping out twice. And then ankle putting him out the first time for two or three weeks. Then he hurt his shoulder again. Then another ankle. It's been non-stop."

The rest of the interview is on video:

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