Changes to the Football Staff

There is quite a bit buzzing around the football program about more changes to the football staff. Read on to find out if more coaches could be losing their positions, and who might be some of the candidates to fill any open ones...

We've been hearing quite a bit about the coaching staff situation with the football program.

There could be some more considerable changes to the staff before it's all done.

Now, there are some things we can tell you, and some we can't (to protect sources).

We've heard that there are some moves with the current staff that could still happen. It's not out of the question that more coaches could be let go or, at the very least, moved to other responsibilities.

UCLA has talked to a coaching candidate about a coaching position that is currently filled on the staff, in fact.

There is also a possibility that one of UCLA's more respected coaches could leave because of a better opportunity.

We can confirm that there is some validity to UCLA being possibly interested in former UCLA linebacker and current USC linebacker coach Ken Norton as a linebacker coach. Larry Kerr, the defensive coordinator that was fired yesterday, was also the linebacker's coach and his leaving opens up the position.

Dorrell, we've heard, was much more inclined to make the move to fire Kerr because he has a candidate in mind for the defensive coordinator job. We can only tell you this -- the candidate he does have in mind, if he took the job, would have to take a pay cut.

In our opinion, it's a considerable development in the coaching career of Dorrell that he fired Kerr. It's pretty well known that Dorrell personally likes Kerr, and does think he's a good coach. But we've been told that Dorrell doesn't want the UCLA defense to languish anymore, and recognized that it needs someone to take it to another level.

I don't know necessarily if the Karl Dorrell of 2003, in the same situation, would have made the move.

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