Update on Dennis Keyes

The talented athlete from Van Nuys Birmingham, Dennis Keyes, updated us on his recruitment, having gotten a few offers since we talked to him last...

Dennis Keyes, 6-1, 190, Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham, is considered one of the best all-around athletes among the football recruiting class of 2003.

Keyes gained approximately 1,400 yards and scored 20 touchdowns as a tailback, and registered about 75 tackles and 5 interceptions as a junior.

A few weeks ago, Keyes told us he hadn't received a scholarship offer. Speaking with him last night, Keyes was enthusiastic about an offer he just received. "I just got offered by Washington today. So, I have offers from Washington, Washington State and Oregon State so far."

Keyes said that he's also being recruited pretty heavily by UCLA, USC, Arizona, Arizona State and Fresno State. "I talked to Fresno State today," he said.

When asked if he had a favorite, Keyes said the Trojans were still at the top of his list, but that he's "still very open to everyone else."

Keyes said he saw a few coaches come to his school during the evaluation period, but also went out and visited some schools himself. "It's really important how well you get along with the coaches, particularly the head coach," Keyes said. "Like with USC, I saw Coach Carroll at my school. I also went to UCLA for a spring practice to check it all out and meet Coach Toledo. I have a good connection with Coach Carroll, and probably Coach Neuheisel and Coach Price from Washington State. I like Coach Toledo, but I need to talk to him more."

Keyes also cited a few other factors in his decision. "I want to feel a connection with the school, it's environment, the coaches, the players, get to meet them and see if I'm comfortable. It's also important tht the school has a good education." Keyes said is parents really have no preference, just as long as Keyes is happy with the school, they're fine with that. He also said distance from home really wouldn't be a factor in his decision.

Keyes said he's most being recruiting for defense and that he's flexible about position. "Whatever the coaches feel where I could be the best, I'll take it form there. Honestly, I don't know what I'd be best, probably defense. That's where most of the coaches see me. They've said either safety or possible weakside linebacker if I put on some weight."

He didn't attend either the Los Angeles or Palo Alto Nike camps because of prior commitments. He does, though, want to attend UCLA's one-day camp next weekend. "I think I'll go to that, my coach wants me to go."

Keyes has a 3.3 GPA and scored a 920 on his SAT.

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