Interest Picking Up in Killebrew

The Texas linebacker, Robert Killebrew, has seen his recruitment pick up since his stellar performance at Nike. He has a connection to UCLA...

Robert Killebrew, 6-1, 205, Klein (Tex.) High, has garnered some big-time offers this spring, including most recently from UCLA.

Killebrew impressed on-lookers at the Nike Camp in Texas earlier this month when he displayed his athleticism, jumping an astounding 39.4 inches in the vertical, while running a 4.5 40 and a 4.36 in the 20-yard shuttle. He had some solid recruiting interest before the Nike Camp performance, but the attention has really intensified since then.

When asked if he had a favorite school, Killebrew said he didn't, but mentioned schools at the top of his list as Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, UCLA, Colorado and Texas A&M. "There might be more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head right now."

He said that all of those schools have offered scholarships, with UCLA doing it just a couple of weeks ago, on his last day of the school year. "They sent me a fax to my school and then Coach Pearce called me the same day."

Killebrew, early on, had told a few interviewers that UCLA was his favorite, due mostly to the fact that he's originally from California. "I grew up there until I was about 8 or 9, then we moved to Texas. So, growing up I was a UCLA fan. My father was and I was, too. I just liked their style and the way they played."

Currently, though, Killbrew insists he's wide open. "I'm open for anything," he said. "But right now, my goal is to enjoy my senior season, enjoy football, and college is one of the last things on my mind. I'd like to wait until after my senior season, go through the whole process, take all my visits and everything. After my senior season, then I'll start making some decisions about college. But I don't want to wait too much, like right up to signing day. I could see making a decision soon after the season."

When it was pointed out that there could be quite a lot of pressure if he decided to wait too long, Killebrew said his family's support will really help him out. "I've got a great family, so they'll help with the pressure. Plus, they'll keep me humble. My parents will still always make me clean the kitchen, and my younger sister will say, ‘Yeah, you made some nice tackles, but you're not that good,' just to keep me from getting a big head."

The biggest factor for Killebrew, who recorded 98 tackles and 9 sacks last year, might be the quality of education. "Education is #1," he said. "If you get hurt playing, heck, they're paying for your education, so you want to take advantage of it. I'm also looking for a winning tradition and location. Staying close to home isn't that big of a deal, and you would love to stay close, but you want to find a place where you would love to live for four or five years, where you're comfortable. So, most important is education, tradition and location."

Killbrew said he has some loose plans to visit schools unofficially soon. "I'm going to California for my cousin's high school graduation on Sunday. They're in Pasadena. So, I'm thinking of stopping off in Boulder along the way to check out Colorado. Then I'll be in Southern California until June 18th, so I could check out UCLA."

Killebrew is taking the SAT for the first time this Saturday, and says he maintains a 3.1 GPA.

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