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Head Coach Karl Dorrell provides his opinion of the first winter practice Thursday, also talking about a player's illness and an injury. The quarterbacks look particularly good for a first practice...

We published a quick report from football practice last night (Quick Report).

And actually a poster on the message board, pacificpal put up an excellent review of the first day of practice that would have exactly mirrored any detailed report we would have done. (Pacificpal's Report)

In addition, a few more observations:

-- For the first day, the first-string OL consists of players who have been in the program: strongside tackle Brian Abraham, strongside guard Shannon Tevaga, center Nathaniel Skaggs, weakside guard P.J. Irvin and Noah Sutherland at weakside tackle.

-- Nikola Dragovic, the injured defensive end who isn't participating in practice, looked physically huge standing on the sideline.

-- Chris Horton's formerly injured hand will still be wrapped for practice.

-- Ben Olson's lead stride with his right foot in his motion looks to have shortened up.

-- Rodney Van looks noticeably bigger physically, as does wide receiver Gavin Ketchum.

-- As pacificpal reports, both Olson and Patrick Cowan looked good for their first day, particularly in the one-on-one drills. They didn't fare quite as well in the seven-on-seven or 11-on-11s, but for a first day both were impressive.

-- Olson attended the UCLA/OSU basketball game later that night, and at halftime took a couple of shots from the first row of the student bleachers, and almost hit one. He says he misses playing basketball (he took his Thousand Oaks high school team to the CIF Championship Game), and wanted to just dress out and go through warm-up drills one time with the basketball team. But he was the informed that Ryan Hollins pulled a groin muscle in the lay-up line this season.

-- Signed OL Jake Dean is up to 282 pounds, and Sean Sheller also looked particularly bigger and thicker.

Dorrell Comments After Practice -- Watch Video

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