Nixon Signs With Dodgers

The promising football prospect, Mike Nixon, signed a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers during the weekend, precluding him from playing football at UCLA...

Mike Nixon, the promising football prospect from Arizona who signed a National Letter of Intent to UCLA in February, signed another contract this weekend, this one with the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was worth a little more than $1 million, according to

Reportedly, the Dodgers met the price that the Nixon family had stipulated it would take to get him to give up his football scholarship to UCLA. He'll report to the Dodger's rookie league team in Great Falls, Montana, this weekend.

The reported $1 is equivalent to first round draft money. There had been reports that, even though the Dodgers drafted Nixon in the third round, he would get first round money.

Nixon told AZCentral. com that he made the decision to give up his football scholarship with no regrets. "I'll miss it, but I'm not going to look back at all," he said. "I made my decision. If I have a bad game, I'm not going to think maybe I should be playing football. It won't be like that."

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