Scrimmage Play-By-Play

The football team staged a 40-play scrimmage Saturday, with the offense scoring touchdowns pretty handily on the first two series behind both Ben Olson and Patrick Cowan...

The football team engaged in a 40-play scrimmage that saw the offense move the ball down the field effectively in its first two series and then the defense stiffened up a bit.

Ben Olson took the first series with the offense. Here's a play-by-play (missing a few plays here and there):

-- Olson hits Marcus Everett for a quick five-yard out.
-- Olson throws short to J.J. Hair and the ball is dropped.
-- Olson swings a pass out to running back Chris Markey for a gain of about five and a first down.
-- Kahlil Bell takes the handoff and gets two off-tackle.
-- Olson hits Joe Cowan on a hitch for about 15 yards, on a very well-thrown ball.
-- Olson hits Brandon Breazell on a crossing pattern for about 20 yards.
-- Olson hands off to Derrick Williams on a mis-direction and he goes about six yards for a touchdown.

Second series:

-- Patrick Cowan Andrew Baumgartner for about a five-yard gain.
-- Cowan bootlegs and tucks it in for eight yards.
-- Cowan swings out a pass to Bell and he makes a good move to gain eight.
-- Bell runs up the middle, breaking a few tackles for a gain of 7.
-- Bell gets stopped after a two-yard gain by linebacker Kyle Bosworth.
-- Cowan hits walk-on receiver Bobby Whithorne on a long fade for about 3 yards and a touchdown. It was a perfectly thrown ball.

Third series:

-- Olson throws incomplete on a roll-out.
-- Olson holds the ball a bit too long and is sacked by William Snead.
-- Olson throws short to Chris Markey who gains seven.
Cowan dumps it off to Markey in the flat for five.
-- Cowan swings it out to Bell for a gain of eight.
Cowan hands to Williams on a counter and he makes some good moves to gain about 10.
-- Cowan makes a great throw on a deep out to walk-on receiver Joseph Angelo for a gain of 25.
-- Close to the goal line, Cowan hands to Williams, who appears to score a touchdown, but is stopped by Kyle Bosworth.
-- Cowan hands again to Williams and he goes through a big hole for the TD.

Fourth series:

-- Olson drops back but trips over Markey for a loss.
-- Olson swings a quick pass out to Breazell who drops it.
-- Olson throws short and incomplete.
-- Osaar Rasshan hands it to walk-on tailback Craig Sheppard for a gain of 4.
-- Rasshan throws incomplete, over the head of a receiver.
Rasshan rolls and walk-on tight end Tyler Holland for eight yards.
-- Rasshan rolls to his opposite shoulder and is sacked by Bret Locket.
-- Rasshan attempts a screen but defensive end Chinoso Anyanwu tips the ball and catches it for an interception.

Fifth series:

-- Olson hands to Markey through the middle for three.
-- Olson throws a screen out to Williams but linebacker Christian Taylor makes a good play for no gain.
-- Olson throws quickly to Breazell, the pass is a bit low and Breazell drops it.
-- Cowan hits Ryan Graves on a hitch for 6.
-- Cowan hands to Michael Pitre and he gains four, with a stop by Matt Slater.
-- Cowan hands to Bell for a gain of four, stopped by Reggie Carter.
-- Cowan is blitzed by Reggie Carter, and it would have been a sack, but Cowan gets off the pass and it's intercepted by Michael Norris.

Some Notes:

-- Safety Bret Lockett made a couple of nice plays and one particularly good hit in the 7-on-7.

- Receiver Junior Taylor is participating in the non-running receiver drills, and d-end Nikola Dragovic is doing likewise with the d-line drills.

-- Safety Robert Kibble, who had a re-occurence of his multiple scelerosis and was hospitalized, observed practice for the first time this winter Saturday.

-- The personnel juggling along the offensive line continues. On Saturday, the first-team included Brian Abraham at stronside tackle, Shannon Tevaga at strongside guard, Nathaniel Skaggs at center, walk-on (and converted DL) Phillip Rauscher at weakside guard, and Noah Sutherland at weakside tackle. JC transfer Nick Ekbatani worked with the twos, and was playing guard, while Aleksey Lanis also worked with the second string as a tackle.

For the report from Saturday, go here.

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