Spring Scrimmage Report

The offense struggles some, as doe the quarterbacks, while the defense has a few few standouts, particularly one safety who had a number of big hits on the day...

The football team conducted its annual spring scrimmage at Drake Stadium, going through about 80 plays in front of approximately 500 Bruin fans, those that braved the storm warnings and were rewarded with a beautiful morning.

A few notes:

-- The usual suspects who have sat out winter practice didn't dress. Also, P.J. Irvin didn't participate due to illness, and Brian Abraham didn't dress. Defensive end Justin Hickman did participate.

-- The starting OL was Noah Sutherland at weakside tackle; Shannon Tevaga at weakside guard; Nathaniel Skaggs at center; Scott Glicksberg at strongside guard and Aleksey Lanis at strongside tackle.

-- Receiver Andrew Baumgartner injured a knee and was in a knee brace.

-- Safety Robert Kibble, still recovering from an episode of MS, uses a motorized cart to keep himself from getting fatigued.

-- Recruits in attendance included:  quarterback Aaron Corp and defensive end Michael Reardon (both from Orange Lutheran); Brian Price, the DT from Crenshaw who verbally committed; Everson Griffen, the defensive end from Avondale (Ariz.) Agua Fria who has been offered a scholarship; Alex Probasco, the DE from Mira Costa, and a couple of sleeper names - Sergio Sanders, a wide receiver/defensive back who looked to be about 6-0 from San Leandro (Calif.) High, and Marvin Walker, a defensive back from Chino.

The coaching staff was giving some definite attention to Sanders. Griffen was very impressive looking physically, looking all of 6-4 and probably 250.


The ones, of course, faced off first, with Ben Olson leading the offense.

Olson held onto the ball too long on the first play and was sacked.
Chris Markey gained no yards on second down.
Olson connected with Andrew Baumgartner for about 30 yards on a slant. 
Olson swings out a pass to Brandon Breazell who suffers a big hit by safety Dennis Keyes for no gain.
Olson connects with Marcus Everett for 9 yards.
Markey is stopped for no gain by middle linebacker Christian Taylor.
Aaron Perez punts and Markey fumbles the punt reception.

Second series, with the twos:

Kahlil Bell gains one yard up the middle.
Patrick Cowan throws incomplete.
Cowan scrambles and throws incomplete, with defensive end Chinoso Anyanwu applying pressure.
Perez punts and Everett fair-catches the punt.

Third series, ones:

Olson hands off to Markey and he slips for a loss of 3.
Markey gains five up the middle before slipping down.
Olson hesitates and is sacked for a loss of seven by Kenneth Lombard.

Fourth series, twos:

Cowan hands off to Derrick Williams up the middle for a gain of five.
Cowan hits Ryan Graves for 10 yards, with a good tackle by safety Aaron Ware.
Cowan throws to tight end Adam Heater, but the ball is dropped.
Cowan hits Markey on a quick flare for 7.
Cowan hits Bobby Whithorne on a hitch for 8.
Cowan is sacked by Anyanwu, who beats tackle Justin Brown to the outside.
Cowan is again sacked by Anyanwu, who again beats Brown.
Cowan hits Whithorne on a slant with a strike for a gain of about 27.
Perez gets off a good punt and Everett bobbles the punt.

Fifth series, ones:

Kahlil Bell runs for 3 on a counter, and Chris Horton makes a good hit.
Olson hands to Bell on a draw for a gain of one.
Olson throws incomplete over the middle.
Perez gets off a poor punt and Markey tries to catch it with his palms up and fumbles it.

Sixth series, twos:

Williams gets the hand off, cuts outside and gains 6.
Cowan swings a pass out to Bell on the left and Reggie Carter makes a big stop for no gain.
Cowan swings one to Bell on the right, but there is a penalty.
Cowan has to scramble but throws a strong ball on the run, hitting Matt Willis for a gain of 12.
Bell runs a counter and gains six, and is stopped by Carter.
Cowan throws an out and is intercepted by Bret Lockett.

Seventh series, ones:

Olson hits Breazell for a gain of 7.
Williams is stopped for no gain by Horton.
Olson throws a quick flare to Michael Pitre, but he's popped by Horton and causes him to fumble.

Eighth series, twos:

Williams is run down by Anyanwu and Carter for a loss of one.
Cowan throws to Heater over the middle and Carter is called for a P.I.
Cowan hits Willis on a long out and Willis breaks a tackle and goes up the sideline for about 45.
Markey runs up the middle for four.
Markey goes outside for about 6.
Cowan hits Graves on an out but Graves bobbles it on his way out of bounds.
Cowan puts touch on one and hits Willis in the end zone for a 15-yard touchdown.
Brian Ruziecki blocks the PAT.

Ninth series, ones:

Williams gains five up the middle.
Olson throws short to Williams after checking off for a gain of 7.
Olson hits Williams on a screen and he takes it up field for about 16.
Williams is caught behind the line by William Snead for a loss of one.
Olson is almost picked off by Christian Taylor on a throw over the middle.
On a blitz, Olson throws it up for Everett on a post and Michael Norris commits P.I.
Bell goes outside on a run and gains four before Trey Brown makes a good ankle tackle.
Markey fumbles on a run through the middle.
Olson swings it to Breazell and he gains 6 before Eric McNeal shows good quickness and makes the tackle.
A 45-yard field goal is missed by Jimmy Rotstein, low and not enough on it.

10th series, threes:

Osaar Rasshan throws an out for a gain of 7.
Tailback Justin Sieber fumbles and Ruziecki recovers.
Rasshan, on a play-action roll, hits walk-on tight end Travis Martin for 1 yard.
Sieber is stopped for no gain by Kyle Bosworth.
Rasshan throws down the middle into a crowd incomplete.
Rasshan scrambles out of the pocket, avoids a number of tacklers and glides down the field for a gain of 30.
Sieber runs for 2.
Sieber runs for 3.
Rasshan scrambles and is tackled after a couple of yards by Ruziecki.
On a field goal attempt, Ruziecki comes through the middle again and blocks it. Michael Norris picks it up and runs for a touchdown, while Michael Pitre lays a big block on Anyanwu.

11th series, threes:

Rasshan throws into the ground on an out, incomplete.
Sieber runs for three.
Rasshan drops it short of receiver again, incomplete.

12th series, ones:

Olson's arm is hit by Bruce Davis as he throws, ball falls incomplete.
Olson hits Markey short for seven.
Olson tries to go over the top and down the middle for tight end Ryan Moya but it's incomplete.

13th series, twos:

Cowan hands to Bell and he gains 2.
Cowan scrambles and throws it away.
Cowan throws behind Willis on a hitch, incomplete.
Olson hits Joe Cowan on a crossing pattern, and Cowan breaks tackles to gain about 15.
Williams runs for four.
Williams has the best run of the day, breaking tackles through the middle to gain about 35.
After missing a tackle badly on Williams on the previous play, linebacker John Hale makes a bit hit on Williams for no gain.
Williams is stopped at the line by Horton and Taylor.
Olson goes for a naked boot and scores a touchdown.

14th series:

Cowan hands to Markey and he gains 2.
Cowan throws into a crowd and Ware intercepts and runs for a touchdown.
Cowan hands to Markey and scampers for 18.
Cowan hits Whithorne for six, after a big hit by Norris.
Cowan is sacked by Anyanwu.

15th series:

Olson hands to Bell for no gain.
Olson throws a screen to Bell and he gains five but is hit hard by Horton and Hale.
Olson hits Cowan on another crossing pattern and Cowan breaks tackles and drags tacklers into the end zone for a 15-yard TD.

16th series:

Williams runs for no gain.
Cowan throws incomplete.
Cowan scrambles but a lineman is called for a hold.
Jamil Turner is open on a long out but Cowan throws short, incomplete.
Olson is sacked by Snead.
Olson is again sacked by Snead, who beat Lanis on both downs.
Olson hits Cowan short for four.
Cowan's arm is hit as he throws, incomplete.
Cowan scrambles but throws incomplete.
Cowan swings it to Bell who takes it for 12 yards and a touchdown. 

17th series:

Rasshan hands to Sieber who is tackled by Kyle Bosworth for no gain.
Sieber again up the middle and again stopped by Bosworth for no gain.
Rasshan scrambles and fumbles.
Sieber runs for two.
Sieber runs for two yards and is again stopped byh Bosworth.
Rasshan completes a 12-yard pass.
Williams gains nothing on a run up the middle.
Rasshan throws out of bounds incomplete.
Rasshan scrambles but throws incomplete.


Ben Olson 10-15 for 96 yards, one touchdown, one rushing touchdown and 4 sacks against him.
Patrick Cowan, 10-21, for 120 yards, two touchdowns, but two interceptions and three sacks.
Osaar Rasshan, 3-8, for 20 yards and 35 yards rushing.

Running Backs:

Derrick Williams, 11 rushes, 52 yards.
Chris Markey, 9 rushes, 32 yards, one fumble, one punt return fumbled.
Kahlil Bell, 7 rushes, 17 yards.


Matt Willis, 3 receptions, 72 yards and one touchdown
Joe Cowan, 3 receptions, 34 yards and one touchdown
Bobby Whithorne, 3 receptions, 41 yards
Derrick Williams, 2 receptions, 23 yards
Kahlil Bell, 3 receptions, 17 yards
Chris Markey, 2 receptions, 14 yards
Brandon Breazell, 3 receptions, 13 yards
Andrew Baumgartner, 1 reception 30 yards
Marcus Everett, Ryan Graves, Michael Pitre all with one reception.

Overall, Olson didn't look particularly sharp, taking too much time to make decisions.  Cowan started off better, throwing some nice balls, especially under pressure, but then got cold and threw two interceptions.  Derrick Williams looked like the most effective runner, and Matt Willis looked quick and sure-handed catching the ball.

On defense, Chris Horton had a number of big hits, as did Reggie Carter. Christian Taylor looked good, and up front Anyanwu had three sacks, and Lombard had a good day, with one sack.  Trey Brown was good in coverage, while Lockett and Ware had a pick each.

An added bonus: While many fans have complained that the UCLA Spring Scrimmage isn't televised like others around the country, we've learned that Fox Sports will air a "Bruin Rewind"-type, one-hour version of the scrimmage. In addition, Karl Dorrell was miked during the action. Look for the show in the next couple of weeks.

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