Dorrell Comments on Tuesday

With winter ball almost over, Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked about what the Bruins got out of it, the new coaches and the developing chemistry between them, and the status a defensive lineman who got injured in the last two minutes of practice...

-- In the last two minutes of practice, defensive lineman Bruce Davis had to be helped off the field after sustaining an injury to his left knee. Head Coach Karl Dorrell hoped it wasn't significant but said Davis would undergo a MRI test Wednesday.

Dorrell's Post-Practice Comments:

"That was good work today. We wanted to make it shorter and more competitive and that was what we did. So it was fun to see some work and see some guys step up to the challenges of scrimmaging again on such short notice and little competitive drills like three on three and stuff like that. I'm very pleased how the spring has progressed at this point. This week will end pretty quickly and spring ball will be over and it's time to get things ready for the fall and we have a great training session planned from now until August to get ourselves to be as good of a team as we can be. So I'm very pleased with where we are at as a football team."

There were some areas that were question marks coming into the spring. Do you think you guys answered those questions, like the tight end position, the quarterback, offensive line?

"We have a better idea of what we have. That's probably the proper way to answer that. We don't really know exactly what we're going to do with our offensive line, with a couple of the guys being out, some people that have had some playing experience for us. We're hoping some of those guys are still in the mix in terms of being in our top five guys so we can have as good of guys as we can get this year. We're going to be more athletic than we have in the past, which is good to know, but we are younger than we've been. The quarterback position, we have some depth, the running back position we have some depth. The other question mark is our defensive line. As soon as Kevin Brown gets back and some of the other guys get back and get a chance to get some looks out of them we will have a pretty good idea of where this team will be, and I like our chances. We have the capability of being a very good football team."

There were some coaching changes, and when you are a good program that will happen. How has the chemistry of the coaching staff come along?

"We're getting to know each other better each day. I think practicing helps with working with each other and planning, so that's definitely helped. We're getting to know each other better and better. We're still transitioning, families aren't here yet but will be here soon. Those things wont be settled until all the family members are here and they are in their homes and comfortable with their surroundings. But we're getting closer and closer."

How's Bruce Davis?

"We think he's going to be okay. We don't think it's going to be anything like it looked like out there, just from preliminary reports from him and from what the trainers have said. We'll get a MRI to be sure, hopefully it's not a significant injury – we're thinking that its not – but the MRI will be the tell-tale sign."

It was his knee?

"Yeah, it was his left knee."

Two minutes left in practice. That has to be a bummer…

"Yeah, that can happen. It's part of the game and you have to continue to work and be competitive against each other and we're hopeful it's not significant."

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