Interview with Logan Paulsen

With the departure of Marcedes Lewis, true sophomore Logan Paulsen will be one of three young tight ends that will try to fill Lewis' shoes next season. He spoke to us about it, winter practice, his learning curve at the position, the coaching changes and more...

Logan Paulsen, a 6-5, 245-pound true sophomore tight end, will try to step in and play major minutes next season.

Paulsen answered some questions for us at practice recently.

So what was your impression of this session of spring ball?

"It was a little lackadaisical in the beginning but it got better. I think it's good to get the last practice out of the way. I think everyone was getting a little rundown. It's good to have it over. We had a good spring."

You haven't really been playing organized football for a long time, so last season did not knowing all the terminology and specifics hurt you?

"Yeah, definitely. Learning all the new stuff was difficult for me not coming from a football background. I was really happy that (former tight end Coach (Jon) Embree was able to develop me quickly and I was able to travel, which really sped up the process of learning the offense and learning the terminology and helping me become comfortable with playing. So I thought that was really important. And Marcedes (Lewis), he really helped me a lot."

Now that Coach Embree is gone, how is it now with the new coach, Coach Wristen?

"It's good. I really like Coach Wristen a lot and he is a great guy. But I am just happy that Embree was here for my first year just to get me started. Embree was a good first year coach and I feel that Coach Wristen is exactly what I need for my second year. I think he brings some different things to the table so now I have what Coach Embree taught me and now what Coach Wristen is teaching me."

You feel more comfortable now with everything?

"Definitely. I feel way more comfortable after that first year. I feel that I know the offense better and feel that I am a lot more competitive."

There has been talk about your size and weight. It seems like you have put on more weight now, right?

"I've gained about 15 pounds. I'm a little sick right now so I've lost of a little weight but that's okay. I came into spring at 245 lbs., which is exactly where I wanted to be so hopefully I can gain 10-15 more pounds in the off season and that would be my perfect weight." So you've gotten stronger too?

"Oh, definitely. Having Doc Kreis as a strength coach is great. He really pushes you to get a lot stronger and obviously to gain weight so I feel like I am making strides there. Obviously there is room for improvement. It's definitely been a big help because last year it was hard to hang with these guys who are 20-30 lbs heavier than you but now I've slowly closed the gap."

Talk about your pass catching and route running. Do you think that has improved?

Definitely, I think that was a big thing with Coach Embree, running routes, so he emphasized that. So now I think I can run good routes because of him and Coach Wristen. I think that was my strong suit coming in because I played more of a receiver in high school."

How much have things changed with Coach Svoboda taking over as Offensive Coordinator?

"He's a different kind of offensive coordinator and I think he brings something totally different to the table than Coach Cable did. I think it's going to take him a while to get used to calling the plays but I think having him around as coordinator will definitely be an asset in the long run." You mentioned Marcedes Lewis. What is it going to be like to replace a guy like that next year? "He left some big shoes to fill, but it's exciting because he caught a lot of balls last year and between the three of us that are going to play we should be able to do that next year."

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