Interview with Reggie Carter

The freshman redshirt linebacker will go from one year on the scout team to a major role next fall. Reggie Carter talks about winter practice, his transition with the coaching changes, and his expectations for fall...

Comments fron Reggie Carter after Tuesday's football practice:

Now that spring ball is wrapping up, how do you feel about it all? "I think I did pretty good, I just have a lot to learn mentally and work on my work ethic to get a little faster and stronger."

Tell about what being on the scout team was like last year? "It was actually easy because you didn't have an assignment you just lined up and played football. It was a lot different from playing scout team and having to make the calls and understand everything."

You almost were pulled out of your redshirt year, what were your thoughts on that? "I really didn't know too much about it. People just kept telling me that they were going to do it but none of the coaches approached me about it."

Would you have been prepared to play last year?

"Physically yeah, but mentally…probably not, because I don't think I knew everything I needed to know in order to play right away. I'm still not mentally ready yet, I have a lot to learn before camp starts."

Do you think you will be ready?

"Yeah, most definitely. Fall is a long time away. I just have to hit the books."

How do you feel about the departure of Coach Kerr?

"It is hard to say right now. I mean, he was my coach but because I redshirted I didn't really get to spend too much time with him. I think he was a good coach and it was tough to see him go because you were used to seeing him but, you know, practically all the coaches that were here when I came have left. But it is hard to see someone go and get to know someone else all over again."

One of the coaches that left was Coach Bienemy, someone that was key in your recruitment. What did you think about that?

"I was kind of upset. He didn't talk to me first. He talked to his running backs first but I had heard some things a couple days before that so I called him and he said he would tell me when something happened. So we sat down alone and had a pretty good talk about it. We still keep in touch, though. He stays on me…knows everything I do and I don't do."

So, with all those coaches gone, talk about what Coach DeWayne Walker is like…

"He's a good guy, I like him. I go to his office occasionally to sit down and talk to him. I'm taking the time to get to know him, you know – where he's from, how he feels about football and just what he wants from our defense. He's a pretty aggressive coach and I like that. I think we'll have fun together once we get started."

Right now you're slated as a second-string middle linebacker. Would you change to another linebacker position in order to get on the field more?

"Ahh, probably, anything that can get me on the field and help the team. I don't care."

How about strongside linebacker?

"Ahh, I would have to learn it and it's probably not my favorite position but if they needed me I would do it."

You're going to have a solid group of former Crenshaw players here by next year. Is there any camaraderie between of all of you?

"One of the guys out here, Chinoso Anyanwu, is my roommate so we are kind of like brothers. Since we're always together people say we're like peanut butter and jelly. He's my brother."

Wait, who's the peanut butter and who's the jelly?

He's the peanut butter and I'm the jelly. It's because of his skin, It's like peanut butter color and I had curls at first so we were like peanut butter and jelly."

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