Alabama Players Answer Questions

Star sophomore point guard Ronald Steele, along with Jermareo Davidson, Richard Hendrix, Jean Felix and Evan Brock, answers questions about tomorrow's contest with UCLA in the NCAA tourney's second round...

Jermario Davidson, Junior Forward

On Felix's big game vs. Marquette:

"Anything can happen when you are playing hard. He had his 31 points but sometimes things don't show up on the stat sheet – hard play, defensive stops, the little things that count. He might have had his big game but he has done it other times."

Ronald Steele, Sophomore Point Guard


"We know about the history with coach (Mark Gottfried) and we don't think it will have any factor in the game. They are a really talented team. We've watched them on tape an they are really good on defense. They are going to run their offense really well and they are really well-coached. It is going to be difficult to win."

On UCLA's Jordan Farmar:

"I remember him in high school when he was a really talented player and I think he is the key to their team – making big shots, the ball is going to be in his hands all the time. He is not going to make mistakes. He really does a good job penetrating and not only scoring but finding open players. I think he is probably one of the best guards we've played against. This is the key to beating them; to control him and do the bet we can in stopping him."

On critics of Alabama's lack of depth:

"I think at this point in the season it really doesn't matter. I think it is just one game at a time. We are excited about being here. A lot of people didn't expect us to be at this point so I think the fatigue part isn't going to be a factor at all. We've proved many times that isn't going to be a factor. Our team won games down the stretch, I think that is enough."

Richard Hendrix, Freshman Forward

On living up to expectations of him coming in as a freshman:

"I try not to look too much into that. I'm just trying to go out and play my game. Especially now at this point in the season we have a lot of people who are playing well and I try to do my job and do whatever it takes to win. Expectations probably haven't been met for what I would like them to be, but all in all we are still in the tournament, we are winning games and doing whatever it takes to move on."

Jean Felix, Senior Forward

On yesterday's performance vs. Marquette:

"I heard from my teammates and everyone tried to encourage about what happened yesterday. You hae to move forward and we just want to get ready for the next game on Saturday."

On doing anything different before yesterday's game against Marquette:

"You just have to be ready. I know that I have a guard and other big guys that are going to find me on the floor, and they did a good job. I felt good yesterday."

Evan Brock, Senior Forward

On comparing the UCLA game to the Stanford game two years ago:

"The thought has crossed our minds. That is the year we went to the Elite Eight. Stanford was a big team. They had a lot of support and everybody predicted them to win. UCLA is kind of along the same lines. Of course, they are going to have a lot of support and we are the underdog compared to them but we are going to take this one as a whole new tournament."

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