Quick Comments from Howland

UCLA's Head Coach Ben Howland comments in a teleconference about Gonzaga, Adam Morrison, the stellar play of Cedric Bozeman, the team's schedule this week, including taking finals, and more...

Here are a few highlights from Ben Howland's teleconference today:

On Adam Morrison:

"Adam Morrison reminds me of Larry Byrd. He's probably an inch shorter, but he's very Byrd-esque."

On guarding Adam Morrison: "We'll try a lot of different guys on him. Not just one person. I don't think one person can guard him."

On Cedric Bozeman's performance against Alabama:

"Cedric Bozeman was our best player on Saturday. I looked at the tape. He had 7 assists, 0 turnovers and played great defense. He made unbelieveable plays. I was so happy and pround of Cedric Bozeman. He was really, really good on Saturday. He was tough. He led us."

On Pittsburgh losing:

"It would have been special to face Pittsburgh, because it would have mean that one of us would have gone one round beyond. Right after UCLA I care the most for Pittsburgh.Jamie Dixon has done an incredible job. I'm really sad they lost."

On recruiting:

"It's all about recruiting. I'm a lot better coach when I have a really good players. We have really good players and really great kids. It's all about recruiting."

On when he knew he wanted to be UCLA's coach:

"In sixth or seventh grade. Really. My best friend used to laugh when I told him I wanted to coach after I stopped playing. And I grew up watching UCLA. I get the biggest kick out of Dick Enberg doing our games, since I grew up with him doing the UCLA games."

On the recruiting budget when he was at Gonzaga in the early 1980s as a graduate assistant:

"I have great memories of Gonzaga. When I was there the recruiting budget was $10,000. The golf team's budget covered just the golf tees."

On how Gonzaga stacks up against UCLA's other opponents:

"This is the best team we've played all year. Even including Memphis, Gonzaga is the best team we've played."

On Mike Roll in San Diego:

"Roll was a little nervous. I got on him, and it probably didn't help him. He came into arena with a video camera. I said, ‘Come on, Mike, act like you've been there, even though you haven't. We're not videoing anything. I'll send you one at the end of the season.'"

-- The students are in the middle of finals this week, amazingly. They've had some special times to take their finals arranged, some today and some even on the road. The team didn't practice Sunday or today, as it's done for the last few weeks. Tuesday afternoon they'll conduct practice for 2 hours and 20 minutes, and two hours Wednesday, then have the 50-minute open practice to the public.

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