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Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few, and players Adam Morrison and J.P. Batista talk about the stunning game against UCLA, going over the last few seconds and commenting on the UCLA program...

Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few, Adam Morrison, and J.P. Batista answered questions from the media after the game.

Mark Few:  "Well, just didn't quite finish that one off.  I mean, I'm really proud of how our guys came out. I thought we had a great approach and were the aggressive team for almost that entire game. I think going into it, people had questioned our toughness and maybe how physical we could be. I really thought my guys responded and responded well. They executed the game plan.  You know, UCLA made a couple big plays down the stretch and deserve a lot of credit for just hanging in there, hanging in there.

Coach Few, have you ever been a part of a game like, where you've led the entire way to lose it in the last few secons?

"Yeah, no, I don't know. I don't think I have. I'm sure at some point in racking up the games here as we go along, these seasons go by. Not quite like that one. No game is over with a three-point shot, the ability to lengthen the game, foul, make plays down the stretch.  I think that's the big thing.   UCLA hung in there, made some plays. We actually had the ball in the people's hands that we wanted to have the ball in. We just had -- gosh, there was a couple shots that just rimmed out.

"Adam had one where he drove right down the lane, he makes that thing 95 out of a hundred times.   He made it all year. That's why we're here. He shot a step-back there at the end. They got a foul I think about 19 seconds left. He makes that step-back, I've seen him make a thousand of those.   We had Derek with a wide-open three in the corner. I think either of those shots would have probably effectively ended the game. They didn't go. We've been making them all year. That's why we're here, because those guys make those shots."

In the last 40, 50 seconds or so, were you maybe trying to get your guys in position to get fouled with them needing to get the ball back?

"Well, I think they were pressuring. They were really, really pressuring, really climbing up into us.   We wanted to spread it out, bounce it at them a little bit, and also use a little bit of clock, which we did.   I think our guys executed it perfectly. Like I said, we had three good looks that we usually make.  Then at the other end, we defended well all game. I thought we defended them very well all game.  If you look at their field goal percentage, they got a couple put-backs, unscramble plays that hurt us a little bit.  They stepped up and made -- Farmar had a big runner, then obviously the steal at the end, whatever that was, it was a big play."

Adam, could you comment on the final sequence.

Morrison:  "I thought they were -- I was on the other side and I heard "foul."   I assumed they were trying to foul J.P. They didn't call it. That's the way the NCAA tournament goes. They got the ball and scored."

When the last ball was inbound, what did you say? Did you call for the ball on the last possession?

Morrison: "Yeah, you know, obviously I was calling for the ball.   But we got a great shot with JP down way farther than I was.   I mean, I wouldn't have it any other way.   JP had a really good shot at it to tie it."

J.P., could you go over that same sequence.  Did you feel you were fouled?

Batista: "I'm not going to sit down here and complain about fouls because in the NCAA tournament, that's all about it. Referees, they make bad calls. I don't know. We had a play set up and I was supposed to pass the ball.  Everything worked out. I thought he fouled me. But, hey, they didn't call it, so you just got to keep going. Unfortunately, we lost the game.  That's how the basketball game goes. Somebody has to lose; somebody has to win."

Adam, I think you missed something like your last three or four shots.   Did they do anything differently defensively on you?

Morrison: "No. I missed the shot."

Adam, obviously you were very emotional at the end.   Stunning way to lose a basketball game.   Could you talk about that experience.   It seemed like you were as surprised as anything.

Morrison: "Yeah, you know, we had -- like coach said earlier, we had control of that game for most of the game. It just happened in a blur. That's the way the game works. If you don't execute down the stretch, you pay for it. We just had a few missteps. Got to take your hat off to UCLA. You know, it was -- I hate losing, period.   I mean, anything, especially basketball.   You know, obviously I'm going to let it hang out, and that's what I did."

A couple of the UCLA players came over to kind of pick you off the ground.   Did you realize it was someone from the other team?   What's your reaction to that?

Morrison: "At first, I didn't. That's just a sign of obviously a great program, you know, great people as far as they're concerned. They had enough guts as a man to come over in their moment of victory, pick somebody up off the floor. If I could thank them, I would. That's just a sign of, you know, great people and great players. That's more than basketball."

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