DB Prospect Aaron Bagsby

Aaron Bagsby, a 6-1, 180-pound defensive back from Henderson (Nev.) Green Valley, is a senior who didn't get a scholaship offer, but instead of going the JC route or walk on to a program, he's trying another option...

When the football signing period came and went last month, Henderson (Nev.) Green Valley safety Aaron Bagsby (6-1, 180) was a senior and didn't have any options to sign with a school.

So instead of going the JC route or trying to walk-on somewhere, Bagsby and his family found an option that they hope leads to bigger and better things come next February: Prep school.

Bagsby will be heading to The Hill School in Pottstown, Penn., where he plans to spend one season before parlaying that into a scholarship.

"I'm looking forward to it. I think it is a good opportunity for me," said Bagsby. "I've pretty much decided that's where I'm going to spend the next year. My best bet is to head back there, but if an offer came (for this fall), I'd take that into consideration."

For Bagsby, the decision to head to The Hill is a relief in that he doesn't have to worry to much about where he'll be this fall. "I don't know how it happened, but I'm glad it did. It's a blessing that I could go there," said Bagsby.

Two of the schools that Bagsby is looking at will now be in-state: Penn State and Pittsburgh. He's also hoping that UCLA becomes an option.

"I'm always open to playing in California. Before, I never looked at East Coast schools, but now that its my surroundings, I'll be checking them out," Bagsby said.

Primarily a safety, but playing offense for Green Valley, Bagsby said he isn't sure exactly where he'll end up at The Hill. "Coach hasn't explained it to me, but I think defensive back is where I'll play mostly. I could also play some offense, receiver or slot back," said Bagsby.

The disappointment in not signing with anyone last month was felt by Bagsby, but not something that discouraged him from continuing to play. "It was tough on me but I didn't rely on a scholarship. I wasn't too crushed but it did hurt. But not crushed enough to quit playing," said Bagsby.

The Hill has sent some of its alums on to Division I schools, which is obviously the hope of Bagsby. He'll get to meet some of his future teammates in June before heading out there in August to begin the season.

"The Hill has had some guys go on. My family is excited about the chance. My dad is ecstatic. Its different without your parents, but its preparing me for when I go to college," said Bagsby. "Now, having gone through this, it gives me a better idea of what I need to do, how I need to step up. Its weird that you could be the best player on your team and not get looked at, but I'm prepared more this time."

In May, Bagsby will be at the Adidas Camp at UCLA and then a week later, he'll attend the Scout.com Combine in Louisville

During Bagsby's final year at Green Valley, he finished with 66 tackles, three interceptions (one for a 50-yard touchdown), four forced fumbles and four recoveries and a sack. On offense he rushed for a touchdown and passed for two while also returning 10 kicks for 150 yards and five punts for 120 yards.

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