What Will Arron Afflalo Do?

Sophomore guard Arron Afflalo said he will hold a press conference next week to announce his intentions regarding the NBA draft. Bruin Report Online has discovered what those intentions are...

Arron Afflalo, the 6-5 sophomore guard, will have a press conference next week to announce his intentions concerning the NBA draft.

Afflalo and his father met with UCLA Head Coach Ben Howland recently to go over information and scouting reports on Afflalo provided by NBA scouts.

Sources close to the Southern California high school basketball scene are indicating that Afflalo will put his name in the NBA draft.

Early entrants have until the draft, which is June 18th, to remove their name, and can stay in college as long as they don't hire an agent.

Some NBA sources are indicating that Afflalo will go to the NBA Pre-Draft Camp the first week in June. Overall, it's believed by those sources that Afflalo will ultimately pull his name from the draft after realizing he doesn't project as a good enough draft pick.

Sophomore point guard Jordan Farmar and his family also met with Howland and the coaching staff, but Farmar has yet to make a decision concerning the NBA and his immediate future.

The exact day of Afflalo's press conference next week is uncertain.

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