Four-Day Camp

Some intriguing prospects attended the UCLA four-day camp, both seniors and underclass, and many came from out of state, like Bruce Davis, Jeremy Harrell, Trey Brown and many underclassmen...

There was definitely some prospects to notice and keep an eye on – this year and in the future -- that attended UCLA's four-day camp earlier this week.

Perhaps as noteworthy were the people that didn't participate but came at different times. Sedrick Ellis, the DL from Chino, visited on Sunday. Derrick Williams, the running back/defensive back from Bellflower St. John Bosco, watched on Tuesday. Fred McNeill, the linebacker from Loyola, was running around the UCLA track Tuesday during the camp.

Also looking on Tuesday was Drew Olson, UCLA's incoming freshman quarterback. Olson is in town working out with the quarterbacks and receivers. He said that Cory Paus, John Sciarra, Matt Moore and himself are all participating. He'll stay in Los Angeles for about 10 days, he said, and then head back up to Northern California, and then come back down to work out again. He'll then also arrive a little early he said before he reports for practice in August. He said he was very excited about the team, and really looking forward to fall practice.

Of course, as we've reported, the two rising seniors that were standouts at the camp were two Texans – OL Jeremy Harrell and DL Bruce Davis.

Harrell looked explosive off the line, very quick out of his stance, and then quick-footed. He could easily be an offensive guard or a defensive tackle.

Davis has a great body, one that could easily end up a defensive end or just beef up a bit and be a strongside linebacker. He had very good quickness and had those very long arms, which coaches look for, to be able to extend his blocker.

Probably the next most impressive rising senior was defensive back Trey Brown, Overland Park (Kans.) Blue Valley Northwest. Brown is the son of former UCLA running back great, Theotis Brown. He's about 5-11 and pretty thick, maybe 190 pounds. While he physically looks like a tweener – too thick to play corner and not quite big enough for safety – he looked very good in the coverage drills, able to dominate the wide receives one-on-one. He had good quickness, and good strength, and consistently showed that he was probably the best cover guy in the camp. You would think that his performance here really opened the eyes of the UCLA coaches and it will be interesting to see how his recruitment goes from here.

Rudy Burgess, WR/DB, Edwards (Calif.) Desert, was also a player to take note of. About 5-11 and 175, the word was that Burgess ran the fastest 40 of the camp – and it would have been the fastest 40 of the one-day camp also, in the 4.5s (again, on Spaulding Field, that's pretty fast). He looked pretty raw in the drills, and not necessarily very quick, but his speed was evident. He probably made for a better wide receiver – his ability to make cuts offensively rather than react defensively was better. When he got behind a defender, he was a blur.

Wide receiver/defensive back Sean Young, 5-10, 175, Berkeley (Calif.) High, also looked pretty good. Young also ran a very impressive 40, in the high 4.5s, and had probably the best moves among the wide receivers. He had nice cuts, ran good routes and was too shifty for the defensive backs to stay with. He and Burgess both worked out with the defensive backs.

P.J. Irvin, UCLA's committed offensive lineman, participated. He looked solid, but still seems to be carrying a bit too much weight. Physically, he's strong, but struggled moving laterally at times.

A sleeper of an offensive lineman is Kyle Gunther, 6-4, 265, Calabasas. Gunther was easily among the best linemen, showing very good technique and nice feet. His body was nice – good height, held good weight and could definitely hold more. I had heard about Gunther before, apparently he had done well at camps this spring, so he's one to keep an eye on.

Another offensive that was pretty good was David Sampson, 6-3, 315, Cypress. He's a big round, but he moved very well for his size and had good balance and footwork in containing his block.

On the defensive side, for rising seniors, linebacker Phillip Rauscher participated, and looked better here than he did at the one-day. He looks better and moves better in pads, and had some good moments.

On the dfensive line, a guy to watch was defensive tackle, Chris Velasquez, 6-2, 265, San Francisco Balboa. He looked good the first couple of days, then sat out due to a pulled hamstring. He said he was looking at schools like Colorado, Hawaii and San Diego State "because he likes cool weather." He said he'd also consider UCLA seriously if they pursued him, but that UCLA "might be too hot." Velasquez was saying this when the temperature was about 78 degrees.

Joe Rotherberger, Chino Don Lugo, came back after attending the one-day camp and still looked good. He might be a little undersized for a defensive linemen at 6-3 and about 220, but he looks like he could get quite a bit bigger. He has an impressive first step and good moves in getting to the quarterback.


There were many impressive rising juniors at the camp. Probably at the top of the list was defensive tackle John Torres, 6-4, 265, San Pedro. Torres was practically unstoppable in the one-on-one line drills, either able to bulrush his blocker or use his quickness to spin around him. He was also praised by the UCLA coaches for working hard and stepping in and taking as many reps as he could.

Also very impressive was a tight end from Plano Texas, Jim Ruber. TJim was about 6-4 and 200 pounds, but looked swift and agile, with very good hands. His twin brother, Tim, worked out with the quarterbacks and also looked pretty good, with a fairly strong arm.

Another junior tight end that caught your eye was Dale Thompson, who looked about 6-4 and 230, from Corona (Calif.) Santiago. Big, and fast for his size, Thompson also caught the ball well.

A name that really stood out was Darin Bragg. Yes, there's a relation. It's UCLA wide receiver Craig Bragg's little brother. Darin is a quarterback and, as a rising junior is about 6-0 to 6-1. He moves really well and had probably the best throwing motion at the camp, threw a nice, accurate ball.

A young defensive back to watch is Jerome Boyd, who has transferred to L.A. Dorsey from Hueneme. He had very good size, probably 6-2 and 175, and looked very quick in the drills, with great feet and great quickness from side to side.

We have to give a little love to Ken Lombard, DT, 6-1, 250, St. John Bosco. Lombard, who had some good moments, is the little brother of former UCLA player Kory Lombard.

Then there was Aaron Ware, the rising sophomore and younger brother of Matt Ware. Aaron decided to work out with the wide receivers for most of the camp and showed great moves and a great ability to get behind his defender. He also worked a bit with the defensive backs and probably looked even better in pass coverage.

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