Love Wins Kingwood Tourney

HOUSTON, Tex. – The biggest spring event of the year yielded a strong champion. The Southern Cal All-Stars outlasted the crew from SYF to capture the Kingwood Classic crown, with UCLA's recruiting target, 6-9 Kevin Love, leading the way...

They had the best team on paper and after Sunday's win over the SYF Players; it certainly appeared that way on the court too. The So Cal All-Stars, led by Kevin Love, took down their Midwest rivals 66-58 to capture the Kingwood Classic championship.

"I think with all the chemistry we have going on we're the No. 1 team in the country," Love said after the game.'s 3rd ranked prospect in the Class of 2007 led the way with a team-high 21 points. Junior Taylor King chipped in 17 and 2008 point guard Brandon Jennings tossed in 12 of his own.

Love was the catalyst of the run throughout the event. His wizardry as a passer kick started a win over The Family, which carried over into the title game before a packed house.

Big guys affect games in different ways but it's not often that they are lauded for their ability to share the ball. Frankly, Love's skills as a passer are amazing to watch and his uncanny ability to catch it off the board, hit a teammate in stride with a length of the court pass for an easy deuce is rare. Once Love started launching darts to his pals the passing game became infectious and So Cal shared the rock the way the game is supposed to be played.

"I don't know how I do it," Love said of his knack for throwing pin point outlet tosses. "I just felt the ball; I've got real soft hands. It's just the touch. I think I should be a quarterback."

On Sunday he was.

SYF's high-scorer was Scott Martin who tallied 23 points. Clearly he's having a terrific spring. So is much-improved sniper E'Twaun Moore and wing Robbie Hummel.

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