Davis: "A Lot to Think About"

The defensive end from Texas, Bruce Davis, returns home after the UCLA camp and wants to think about his situation, he said...

Bruce Davis, 6-3, 220, League City (Tex.) Clear Creek, has returned to his home in Texas, and he said he has "a lot of stuff to think about."

Davis had committed to Texas about a month ago. But, the son of a former UCLA football player, Davis was recently in Los Angeles for UCLA's four-day camp and had indicated that if UCLA offered, he'd commit to UCLA. UCLA did offer him a scholarship while he was in Los Angeles, he said.

"Well, I haven't gotten a chance to talk to all of my coaches. I'm going to try to talk to them tomorrow when I go into school to lift weights. I don't really know right now. I need to talk to them, and have a lot to think about."

When asked if he were leaning any way, Davis said hesitantly, "Well, to UCLA, a little bit. I guess I am, but I'm not real sure."

Davis did say that he could decide in the next couple of days. "I need to think it all out, but I might know by the end of the week I think."

Davis spent a few more days after the UCLA camp in Los Angeles visiting some friends with his family – friends that are pretty significant in all of this. "I visited Eric McNeal. My parents and his have known each other since they all went to UCLA together. And Eric's going to UCLA next year. So, it was good to see him and talk to him. I've known him since I was born."

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