Bruins in Say No League

Six current or future Bruins are playing in the annual summer Say No League, with a couple more yet to play. Here's a little review of how they look...

I personally haven't had the chance to go out to the Say No League, but two people whose opinions I trust have, and this is what they've told me about the UCLA guys.

Also, remember, that the Say No is the closest thing to an organized pick-up game you can get, so what players do in this league hasn't been, in my experience, a great indication of how they do in the season. But it does give you a good idea of the potential of many players.

Cedric Bozeman has played up and down. At times, he looks like he's on the verge of breaking out, but then falls back into a pattern of mistakes and turnovers. Physically he's able to dominate smaller opponents pretty easily. He looks stronger, having added a bit of muscle, showed his good passing ability, but didn't penetrate and still looked like he was generally lacking confidence, especially with his jumper. While at times he's struggled in the Say No, the people who have seen him said the signs he's shown in the league are good. Ced, it seems, needs to get some confidence under him, so he can play without worrying about mistakes. He's also cut his fro, and most observers think he's about 6-5 to 6-6.

Dijon Thompson is looking very good. He's playing well offensively, staying under control while his skills have continued to improve. His jumper is pretty, and his passing and ballhandling are very good. His one-on-one moves from the wing are continuing to improve and he's so big that he's able to take his man in a post up game very easily. Many have said he's one of the best in the league. Observers put him at about 6-7.

Ray Young, to the observers who watched him, looks like about the same player since UCLA fans saw him last. He apparently had one decent game, where he scored 20 or so points, but in another, took too many ill-advised shots and passes. He's trying too hard, in this league, to get his.

Evan Burns, on the other hand, has wowed the Say No. He's hitting his outside jumper, passing and handling the ball well, and displaying his vision and passing ability. He's also rebounding well and playing defense. He's about the same height as Dijon, at about 6-7. Now, take this for what it's worth again, since a pick-up game is the perfect environment for Burns, but he has looked tremendous.

Andre Patterson is just about the same player we saw last year – but improved a bit. He's gotten a little bigger, muscle-wise, and that great inside touch he has is now extended out a little more than it was last season. He's still explosive off the floor and very, very quick around the basket.

Ryan Hollins looks promising – but again, keep your expectations tempered. He's big, 6-10 at least, and runs and moves very well. He's explosive off the floor, which allowed him to block shots and be very active around the basket. He's still, physically, has a way to go. He's also still at the very early stages of learning how to play the game. He played in one game for seven minutes and got six fouls, and is very raw in his post moves. But his stroke is nice (he hit a three), and he threw down a monster jam. In another game, he scored 21, which was a lot of garbage and transition. But make no mistake, as we've said, Hollins has tremendous upside, but he's still a ways away from realizing it. It's difficult to get a grasp from the Say No, but it looks like Hollins would still benefit from a redshirt year. Not gaining his eligibility next year on that appeal might be a good thing for Hollins, forcing him to take a year off from being able to play and working on his game and getting bigger physically.

T.J. Cummings played on Sunday, but there wasn't anyone I know who saw him play. He had a good line, over 20 points for the game. <p>

Mike Fey hasn't played to date.

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