Tarell Brown Has Long List

The #5-ranked cornerback prospect in the country, Tarell Brown from Mesquite, Texas, is pretty wide open right now...

Tarell Brown, 5-11, 185, Mesquite (Tex.) North Mesquite, was pretty well-hyped before the spring, but he has cemented his reputation with good performances in the last couple of months, earning the #5 ranking among cornerbacks in the nation by TheInsiders.

Brown has been getting so much attention that he said he wouldn't be able to come up with a list of his top five schools. "Coming up with a top five is my least favorite question," Brown said good-naturedly. "I really want to concentrate on the upcoming football season. Our team should win state."

Brown did, though, rattle off a laundry list of schools that included Texas, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Florida State, LSU, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Colorado, and Kansas State. He did say that he also had some interest in Miami, but that Miami wasn't showing him much attention. He plans on cutting his list a bit by the time his season starts in late August.

"At this point, I really don't have a preference where I want to go," Brown said. "I'd like to stay close to home, but if the situation was better out of state, I'd be fine with that."

His mother, Demetra, said she wouldn't mind if Brown stayed close to home, but "I wouldn't push him anywhere, it's his decision." She said, "The only thing I want from the school he chooses is that he's happy, and that he gets a great education."

Brown didn't think it'd take a long process to decide on which school he'll attend. "I'd like to take three trips for sure, but I might not be able to take all five because of my football schedule." When asked, though, if he wanted to definitely wait until after he finished all his trips or if he could commit on his first trip, he said, "I could commit on my first trip if it felt right."

With his mother emphasizing education, Brown is looking for a good business major. "You could get hurt playing football and a good education is important." He said he had a 3.65 GPA, but didn't pass the SAT the first time because he didn't prepare for it. "But I'm studying now to take it again in September, and I'll knock it out."

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