The Other DB in Mesquite

Darien Williams plays alongside Tarell Brown at Mesquite (Tex.) North Mesquite, and he is a big-time prospect in his own right. He talks about his recruiting and whether he and his friend Brown are a package...

Darien Williams, 6-0, 187, Mesquite (Tex.) North Mesquite, has two sides to him. He's a very well-mannered, soft-spoken kid who doesn't like to party – while on the other hand his high school coaches say that on the field he's a huge hitter.

"He's the best hitter on the team," said North Mesquite's Head Coach. "With a great ability to find the ball and natural instincts."

Off the field, though, the soft-spoken Williams said he isn't much of a wild man. "I really don't like to party," Williams said. "I mean, I'll go, but I'm not into partying too much. I like a calm atmosphere." But then, on the other hand, Williams said he prefers a big city college environment to a small town.

Either way, Williams has his choice. When asked what schools he liked that are recruiting him he said, "I like A&M, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, Michigan State, UCLA and Colorado. My top three would probably be West Virginia, Texas and Texas A&M."

So far, Williams has only visited Texas A&M unofficially. He has a liking for West Virginia since they were the first to contact him and the first to offer him a scholarship.

Growing up, Williams said his favorite schools were Texas and Michigan.

Williams, who said he's been clocked at 4.42 in the 40, is getting recruited at various positions by different schools. "I'm mostly getting recruited at safety, strong safety," he said. "I played cornerback my first two years and then strong safety last year. Some schools are recruiting me as a cornerback, and even some as a running back, since I also play fullback on my team." Does it matter to him? "Definitely not. I'll play where they want me."

He also said that he's open to redshirting and early playing time isn't a factor. "I'm open to whatever the coaches say."

The calm Williams is spending the summer going to summer school rather than to camps and combines. When asked what was his priority in finding the right college, he said, "Academics." He carries a 3.34 GPA, and is re-taking the SAT in September.

Williams' calm personality, in fact, is very similar to his teammate and best friend, highly-recruited cornerback Tarell Brown. These two mild-mannered teenagers make up arguably the most feared defensive backfield in Texas.

Williams said he's best friends with Brown, and would like to go to college with him. "But Tarell's decision will not affect my decision," he said. He even said his parents won't influence him that much. "They just would like me to get a good education. They're not pushing me to any school. No one is really influencing me. It's completely my choice."

Williams added that he'll probably wait quite a while before he actually makes that choice. "I think I want to wait until the last day to decide," he said.

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