Frank Burlison's Mock Draft's basketball writer, Frank Burlison, projects the pecking order of the Top 30 selections on draft night. He's made a few changes since his first swipe at it a couple of weeks ago but, for the most part, the names remain the same. Where is Jordan Farmar?, Mock Draft II

1. Raptors, LaMarcus Aldridge (6-10, Texas)

Frank Says: We're still not convinced Toronto hangs onto the first selection.


2. Bulls, Tyrus Thomas (6-8, LSU)

Frank Says: Aldridge (if he isn't gone already) and Brandon Roy are the two other very viable options for Chicago, if it remains in this slot.


3. Bobcats, Adam Morrison (6-8, Gonzaga)

Frank Says: This, of course, is on the assumption that he will still be on the board – which isn't a lock.


4. Trail Blazers, Brandon Roy (6-5, Washington)

Frank Says: If it remains at No. 4, Portland would be more than pleased with either Morrison or Roy.


5. Hawks, Randy Foye (6-3, Villanova)

Frank Says: This is where it gets tough. Marcus Williams is also an option. In the end, the hunch is that Atlanta goes for the "best remaining guard on the board". And that would be Foye.


6. Timberwolves, Shelden Williams (6-8, Duke)

Frank Says: He is supposed to have a Top 10 "guarantee" – and this might be the spot.


7. Celtics, Marcus Williams (6-3, Connecticut)

Frank Says: He'd have plenty of scorers to get the ball to, that's for sure.


8. Rockets, Rudy Gay (6-7 ½, Connecticut)

Frank Says: Who, a year ago, would have imagined he'd still be for the taking in the eighth slot?


9. Warriors, Patrick O'Bryant (7-0, Bradley)

Frank Says: Golden State will need a lot of patience but he gets a slight nod over Hilton Armstrong as the best long-term, low-post prospect still available.


10. Sonics, Andrea Bargnani (6-11, Italy)

Frank Says: Some project him as the best prospect. People we trust tell us not to buy into that notion. They say he is a marvelous shooter but is next to a non-presence in the low post.


11. Magic, J.J. Redick (6-4, Duke)

Frank Says: With Jameer Nelson directing things and Dwight Howard drawing heavy coverage down low, he should be able to get a healthy heaping of open jump shots.


12. Hornets, Hilton Armstrong (6-11, Connecticut)

Frank Says: The argument of those who like him over Patrick O'Bryant: Put Armstrong in the Missouri Valley Conference and O'Bryant in the Big East, and what would their numbers be?


13. 76ers, Rajon Rondo (6-1, Kentucky)

Frank Says: This is awfully early for a fellow who has never demonstrated he is more than a poor to midlands jump shooter at best. But he's the best "athlete" among the point guards, for sure.


14. Jazz, Ronnie Brewer (6-6, Arkansas)

Frank Says: After Brandon Roy, he's the most versatile "wing-type" in the draft pool.


15. Hornets, Marcus Vinicius (6-9, Brazil)

Frank Says: His stock continues to climb as those who have seen him recently rave about his all-around offensive skills.


16. Bulls, Rodney Carney (6-7, Memphis)

Frank Says: He is slipping a bit but this is about where the slippage would halt.


17. Pacers, Quincy Douby (6-2 ½, Rutgers)

Frank Says: Some talent evaluators swear he's every bit the jump shooter that J.J. Redick is.


18. Wizards, Thabo Sefolosha (6-6, Switzerland)

Frank Says: He's another foreign product whose stock is on the rise. He could be long gone before Washington can take a pop at him, though.


19. Kings, Cedric Simmons (6-9, North Carolina State)

Frank Says: His stock is barely behind that of Hilton Armstrong, another of the "one-season wonders" among the guys projected in first round.


20. Knicks, Shawne Williams (6-8, Memphis)

Frank Says: There is an awful lot of untapped talent in that tank.


21. Suns, Sergio Rodriguez (6-3, Spain)

Frank Says: We could be low-balling him here. Some think he has more physical tools than any other "true" point guard prospect in this draft.


22. Nets, Kyle Lowry (6-0, Villanova)

Frank Says: Like Rodriguez, he could be chosen a little earlier if there is a team picking before this spot who feels it must nab a point guard.


23. Nets, Mouhamed Saer Sene (7-0, Senegal)

Frank Says: He's not anything close to Greg Oden as a prospect. But he's the closest thing to next year's No. 1 overall pick (who will be one and done at Ohio State next season) that New Jersey will ever have a shot at picking this deep into a first round.


24. Grizzlies, Guillermo Diaz (6-2 ½, Miami)

Frank Says: Memphis is said to be in need of a scorer. And that is exactly what Diaz is.


25. Cavaliers, Shannon Brown (6-1 ½, Michigan State)

Frank Says: He's not yet a point guard, by any stretch. But he'd get the job done playing alongside his buddy, LeBron James.


26. Lakers, Maurice Ager (6-4 ½, Michigan State)

Frank Says: Some question his quickness off the dribble. But no one questions his ability to score, one way or another.


27. Suns, Olexsiy Pechrov (6-11, Ukraine)

Frank Says: He's another guy who supposedly has a first-round "promise" – and it might be with the Suns with either of their two first-round picks.


28. Mavericks, Paul Davis (6-9 ½, Michigan State)

Frank Says: He's the most offensively skilled of the remaining frontcourt prospects and would likely flourish in Dallas system.


29. Knicks, Josh Boone (6-9, Connecticut)

Frank Says: If he ever refines his offensive skills and figures out how to play hard almost every night out, getting him here would eventually be considered a steal.


30. Trail Blazers, Alexander Johnson (6-9, Florida State)

Frank Says: If Portland really wants to gamble on "upside", it might opt instead for UCLA's Ryan Hollins, who dominated Memphis' frontcourt in the NCAA Tournament.


Other possible first-round picks: James Augustine (6-9, Illinois); Dee Brown (5-11, Illinois); Mardy Collins (6-5, Temple); Jordan Farmar (6-2, UCLA; could withdraw); Rudy Fernandez (6-5, Spain); Mike Gansey (6-4, West Virginia); Aaron Gray (7-0, Pittsburgh; could withdraw); Ryan Hollins (7-0, UCLA); Leon Powe (6-7, Cal); James White (6-7, Cincinnati).


Inducted into the USBWA Hall of Fame in April, 2005, Frank Burlison is's national basketball expert and is also a columnist for the Long Beach (Calif.) Press-Telegram. He can be reached at Read more of Burlison's pieces at

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