Q & A With Aaron Brooks

At the Adidas ABCD camp, we got more in-depth with UCLA's #1 basketball recruiting target, point guard Aaron Brooks...

Aaron Brooks, 5-11 SR PG, Seattle (Wash.) Franklin, has become the #1 target for UCLA in the 2003 high school class.

Brooks did very well at the ABCD camp and probably vaulted himself into the top 3-5 point guards in the country. We won't be seeing Brooks anymore this summer since he was just named to the USA Basketball Men's Junior World Championship Qualifying Team, which will play in Venezuela during the Big Time tournament in Las Vegas.

Brooks, at ABCD, spoke to us about his recruitment, and how the fact that Oregon's Head Coach, Ernie Kent, is coaching the USA team would possibly affect his recruitment.

BRO: If you had to pick a favorite school right now, what would it be?

Brooks: I really couldn't.

BRO: Could you come up with a short list of favorites?

Brooks: Well, the ones that talk to me the most - -that would be Washington, UCLA and Oregon.

BRO: You took an official visit to UCLA. How did that go?

Brooks: It went good. Coach Lavin is a good coach. He's a nice guys and a player's coach.

BRO: Was there anything about the trip that stood out?

Brooks: It was a good trip. I did bike ride at the beach with Coach Lavin, so that was cool.

BRO: When will you take your official visit to Oregon?

Brooks: Pretty soon. I'll take an official there, but I don't know where else.

BRO: How about Washington?

Brooks: It depends. I'll visit there, but I don't know if I'll take an official visit there. It depends on how many other schools want me to visit.

BRO: Do you have any problem leaving home?

Brooks: No. I don't have a problem with it.

BRO: How do you like Los Angeles – compared to the Northwest?

Brooks: L.A. is cool. It's different, but I could adapt.

BRO: Is there a big attraction to staying in Washington?

Brooks: There are advantages and disadvantages to staying in Washington. It pretty much equals out.

BRO: Trying out for the USA Basketball team, you've had the opportunity to spend time with Oregon's coach, Ernie Kent.

Brooks: Well, so far we were just at the camp. I really haven't spent any time with him yet.

BRO: What's your opinion of him?

Brooks: He's a cool coach. He knows what he's talking about. He's a great guy.

BRO: Do you think, if you make the team, the time you spend with Coach Kent will impact your decision? The fact that you've spent time with him and learn to respect him as a coach?

Brooks: Yeah. You have to to respect your coach. You have to like your coach. If you don't like your coach and like how he coaches that's bad from the beginning. If I don't like the coach there's no way I could play for him.

BRO: When do you think you'll make a decision by?

Brooks: When I get done with my visits. September sometime. Late September.

BRO: So, you'll try to get the rest of your trips in by September? Who else do you think you'll visit?

Brooks: I don't know. Maybe Florida State. Whoever wants me to visit.

BRO: What kind of GPA do you have and what'd you score on the SAT?

Brooks: My GPA is a 2.3 and I scored a 940 on the SAT.

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