Q & A with Jerime Anderson

We've reported that UCLA is doing very well with Jerime Anderson, the 6-1 junior point guard from Anaheim (Calif.) Canyon. Anderson spoke to us while he was playing at the Adidas Superstar Camp in Georgia and, in his own words, tells us how it is, and talks about his friend, Jrue Holiday...

Jerime Anderson, the 6-1 junior point guard from Anaheim (Calif.) High, participated in the Adidas Superstar Camp this last week. He did have time to talk to us about his recruiting and other subjects.

How was it playing against your friend, Jrue Holiday at the Adidas Camp?

"It wasn't that big of a thing. We didn't play the same position, and I was just worried about my team."

How did you feel about playing in the me-first, shoot-it environment of the camp?

"Right now I'll just be a junior, and college is definitely on my mind, but I'm not going to be going to college soon. So I'm out here just trying to get others guys involved as much as I can. If I have a shot, I'll take it, but if not, I'll try to create for other people."

Did your team clue in quickly and knew you'd get them the ball?<.i>

"They knew I was going to pass it to them, and pass up my shot for them. I'm more of a pass-first, shoot-second point guard. If they're open, I'll get it to them."

How does it feel playing in front of college coaches that are scouting you?

"It affects my demeanor. I need to stay focused and not hang my head if I don't do well, and stay positive. If I miss a shot I have to get back on defense, because I know that's what they want to see. If I miss a shot and my guy is beating me back on offense, I know that's not what they want to see. It definitely makes you play a little harder, gives you a little more incentive. But I always want to play hard."

How was the UCLA camp last week?

"The UCLA camp was fun. There were a lot of guys from the area I knew, and some new people. It was really fun playing when Coach Howland was coaching you the whole time. He was actually there coaching, like me, Larry (Drew) and Jrue. It actually surprised me a bit. I knew he'd be there and coach us a bit, but I didn't know he was going to be coaching us the whole time. He was really out there and involved, and I liked that."

Was it good to see if him a teaching environment like that?

"It definitely showed a different side to him. He wants to just see everyone do everything right. He's kind of a perfectionist. He has the right way to do it, and that's the way you should do it, and there's no other way. It's his way or the highway. It's kind of like that with a lot of good coaches, anyway."

Do you like it that way?

"For me, the coach's approach doesn't matter that much. For me, it's just coming out and playing basketball. If a coach wants me to do something I'm going to do it, because I don't want anyone taking my spot. That's how it is anywhere, in high school, and I'm sure when you get to college. I kind of like more of a structured environment anyway. I've been taught that way, and not on the AAU environment as much. I've been playing AAU for a while but it's all about up-and-down, shooting and transition. I'm more of a run-plays guy, knowing where people are and where they should be. It's just something you have to get used to, no matter where you went to college."

So, do you have a favorite college at this point?

"UCLA. I'd have to say, they are #1 on my list. But it really isn't up to me. It's up to them, if they offer."

What other schools are you interested in that are showing interest?

"I'm entertaining a lot of different colleges right now. I'm getting calls from Louisville, Connecticut, Gonzaga, and a lot of the Pac-10. Right now I'm going to do whatever I need to continue to develop my game and come out here and play hard, and it will all fall into place."

After UCLA, what would be your next favorite?

"I like Gonzaga a lot. I actually wasn't interested yet, and they weren't recruiting me until I found out my boy, Austin Daye, was going there. Gonzaga's up there. I talked to Louisville. I've talked to California and Stanford, and they're up there. So, it's like UCLA is #1, and then I have a few colleges right under them. I'll just have to see how it goes."

What would you do if UCLA offered?

"I don't know. I don't know if I'd like to commit that early, because I'd like to take some trips. I definitely would have to talk it over with my parents."

Do your parents have a preference?

"I know my parents would definitely like me to stay home. My mom, she'd like me to stay down the street. So I could come home, she could make me meals, do my laundry. My parents really just want the best for me, and if that's all the way across the country then that's what it'd be. They just want me to do well."

Have you talked to Jrue Holiday about going to the same college?

"I've been talking to Jrue more about it now, because of lot of the same schools are now recruiting us. Jrue is the kind of a guy who is just out here playing ball. We really don't talk about it much. When we're not playing basketball we definitely don't want to talk about it all the time because we play so much. It would be nice to play with him in college."

How long have the two of you been friends?

"I met Jrue when I was 12, and we started playing together when we were 13, on the RC Bulls, with Coach Ron Austin. It was fun back then."

How would you like to play with him in college?

"I would definitely not mind playing with him in college. I wouldn't mind spending my college career getting Jrue some dimes. That's what I do, get Jrue some open shots and throw him some lobs. When I play with Jrue, I know the ball should go through Jrue. We take care of business together."

So, how would it be if you two were the future UCLA backcourt?

"It definitely would be pretty good. I would like that. And if he doesn't end up going to UCLA, if there's something else that's better for him, then so be it. But if we did, it'd be nice."

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