Q & A with JR Jrue Holiday

The top ten national player in the class of 2008, shooting guard Jrue Holiday from North Hollywood (Calif.) Campbell Hall, talked to us at the Adidas Superstar Camp, about his experience there, recruiting and the factors in a decision about college...

Jrue Holiday, the 6-3 junior shooting guard from North Hollywood (Calif.) Campbell Hall, is considered one of the top ten players in the country for the class of 2008.

He is one of UCLA's top targets in that class, and he recently participated in UCLA's Advanced Skills Camp.

We were able to catch up to him at the recent Adidas Superstar Camp.

Are you having a good time at your first shoe company camp?

"Yeah, I am. It's my first camp, and I'm having a lot of fun. It didn't know which camp to go to, but I guess I picked the right one."

How has it been playing against such a high level of competition?

"It's good. I guess I'm used to it, though, since I've played against a lot of guys before."

Does it give you some good experience that helps you when you return to California?

"Yeah. I guess I played against most of these players already. But it helps, yeah. Playing against good players helps you."

Even though it's early, what colleges are you considering right now?

"I really haven't thought about it that much. I have a lot of schools that are looking at me. But I really haven't narrowed it down that much. I like UCLA and Arizona."

Any others you could mention besides those two?

"I mean, Washington. I'd like to be looked at by North Carolina. If I don't, then it's fine."

Would you like to stay on the west coast?

‘No, it doesn't matter."

Would your family prefer you stay on the west coast?

"We really haven't talked about it. Really. But I don't think it would matter with them."

Are you trying to put off thinking about college and recruiting?

"I don't know. I'm just trying to focus on my grades right now. Basketball is important to me, but school is most important."

How are you doing in school right now? What kind of GPA do you have? "I'm doing well. I think I have about a 3.2 GPA."

What will be important in your decision about college? Playing time? Coaching staff? Location? Competing for a national championship?

"Competing for a national championship, definitely. I want to get to the Final Four, and I I'd like to go to a school that can get there. All the other things mean something, too, like the education, like I said. But for basketball, I really want to get to a Final Four and compete for a national championship."

How important, then, are the players who will be at the program with you?

"Very important. And the coaching staff, too. I like (Arizona's) Lute Olson and (UCLA's) Ben Howland. I really like them, think they're good coaches. I really like talking to them."

Would it matter to you to go to a school with other players you know? Like Jerime Anderson? "Well, I've played with Jerime, and if we went to the same place there'd be a lot of chemistry. But I don't know. If I went to a school and I didn't know anyone I'd just have to get used to them."

Would it matter if your brother went to the same school?

"It really doesn't matter. If any of us would go to the same school, we'd do pretty well. If not, then it still will be okay."

Do you think you want to get the decision out of the way early? Or will you take a lot of time to make your decision?

"I'm really not sure. I really haven't talked about it with my parents. I know there are a lot of schools that like me, but I haven't really thought about it."

You obviously are very good at playing the shooting guard position, but can handle point guard also. What do you consider yourself, and in what role do you feel most comfortable?

"It really doesn't matter to me. I can pass, and I think I can shoot allright. I think I need to keep working on my shooting, and I need to work on my ballhandling. I can take people off the dribble. Being a point guard or a shooting guard, I like doing both. Whichever one is needed."

How did you like the UCLA camp?

"It was fun. I really liked it. I'm kind of mad because I only went for one day. But the day I went it was a lot of fun."

Going into it, did you have any idea what you'd get out of it?

"Not really. I didn't know what to expect. There was a lot of coaching going on. I worked out with Coach Howland."

You've interacted with Coach Howland before, though?

"I've talked to him many times before, and I've been on campus before, and for games. So, yeah, I've talked to him. I'm pretty comfortable with him."

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