VIDEO: Bruins in 7-on-7

Check out the football team in a summer 7-on-7 against Los Angeles Harbor JC Wednesday at Drake Stadium on UCLA's campus. Here's your first glance of Ben Olson this season, and UCLA's defense, featuring a couple interceptions by safety Bret Lockett...

UCLA conducted its first 7-on-7 with a local opponent Wednesday, taking on Los Angeles Harbor JC at Drake Stadium.

First Reel, Defense:

1) Rodney Van and Chris Horton on coverage
2) Linebackers Christian Taylor, Eric McNeal and John Hale in coverage
3) Hale with a stop
4) Safety Bret Lockett with an interception
5) Lockett with another pick
6) Safety Dennis Keyes gets beat
7) Keyes on a break-up
8) Taylor with an interception
9) Corner Trey Brown with a pick
10) Another interception by Brown

Second Reel, Offense:

1) Ben Olson to Joe Cowan
2) Olson to Cowan
3) Olson to tight end Adam Heater
4) Patrick Cowan to Terrence Austin
5) Cowan to receiver who looks like Jamil Turner
6) Osaar Rasshan to Marcus Everett
7) Rasshan to Everett
8) Rasshan to Gavin Ketchum
9) Olson to Cowan
10) Olson to Austin
11) Cowan to Ketchum
12) Olson to Brandon Breazell (when you hear the hoots early, it's the UCLA bench reacting to Breazell putting a move on his defender)

Summer 7-on-7, Defense -- Watch Video

Summer 7-on-7 Offense -- Watch Video

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