Freshman Photo Gallery

Here are a few shots of some of the incoming football freshmen, including running back/defensive back Christian Ramirez, offensive linemen Micah Kia and Sean Sheller, defensive ends Reggie Stokes and Dylan Rush, and defensive back Jeremy McGee, among others...

Offensive lineman Jake Dean. Dean says he's 280 pounds now and looks like he's taller, at least 6-4.

Offensive lineman Micah Kia. Kia was very impressive looking, appearing physically advanced, as if he were a player who had been in the program for a while.

Defensive back prospect Jeremy McGee. McGee looked wider and more filled-out than expected.

Chane Moline, freshman fullback. Moline looked like he was in the best shape we've ever seen him.

Running back/defensive back Christian Ramirez. Ramirez still looks skinny, and told us he was 190 pounds.

Defensive end Dylan Rush. Rush appeared to be about 6-3.

Offensive lineman Sean Sheller.

Reginald Stokes, defensive end. Stokes appeared to be about 6-3 and told us he weighed 247.

Linebacker Tobi Umodu. Umodu looked about 5-11, but has gotten considerably more muscular.

Ben Olson with Jake Dean.

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