Q & A With Malcolm Lee

The talented 6-3 junior guard from Riverside (Calif.) High, Malcolm Lee, could have the most potential among all the 2008 guards in the west. He talked to us recently about how his summer is going and where he is in terms of recruiting...

Malcolm Lee, the 6-3 point guard from Riverside (Calif.) North, sat down with us recently to talk to us about his game and recruiting.

So, your ankle has been injured now for about a month?

"Yeah, it has. The more I play, the more I re-injure. I roll it at least one time a day. I can't stop suddenly."

Did you feel it at the ABCD Camp?

"I felt it at the camp, but it was okay really. It started bothering me worse after that."

Do you feel you're more of a point guard or a shooting guard, or both?

"Both. I like playing point guard more because I have the ball in my hands, and I like to pass."

You seem more like a pass-first type of point guard...

"Yeah. I haven't really thought about it that much. I just do what I feel. So yeah, I guess I seem to be."

In terms of recruiting, what schools are you interested in that are showing interest in you?

"UCLA, USC, Washington, Arizona State, Texas A&M, Stanford..."

Do you have a favorite among them?


Not at all? One doesn't stand out?

"Well, there is...well, not really."

What were you going to say?

(Laughing) "I wasn't going to say anything."

Would you like to stay close to home or go away?

"It really doesn't matter, the west coast or going away."

Would you parents want you to stay close to home and would that influence your decision?

"Yeah, they probably do. And it'd probably influence it a little bit."

Did you grow up a fan of any school?

"I grew up watching UCLA."

Would you consider them your childhood favorite?


Does that matter in your decision?

"A little. You have some comfort with them."

Has anyone offered you a scholarship?

"Yeah. USC and Washington."

Would you like to stay in the Pac-10?

"Yeah, I think so."

When do you think you'd make a decision?

"Probably by next summer."

Let's say all the schools you like offer you. Could you make a decision then?

"I think I'd still like to wait. I just want to make sure I'm going to make the right decision, and get the school that's right for me, that fits me the best. I'd like to take my time."

Does it matter who you'd be playing with, or who would go with you to that school?

"Yeah. It does. It'd be cool to have other guys that you know are good and you're comfortable with them."

Who would you like to play with - and where?

"Washington is recruiting my teammate, Kenny Collins."

Is there some competition developing between you and the other guards from L.A. in the 2008 class?

"Yeah. I'm friends with those guys, like Jerime Anderson and Jrue Holiday. There is a little competition. I wouldn't mind playing with those guys in college, either."

Have you had much interaction with any college coaching staffs?

"Washington, UCLA, USC, and Texas A&M, coaches from there."

Do you feel pretty comfortable with those coaching staffs?

"Yeah, I could see myself at any one of those schools."

Academically, how are you doing?

"I have a 3.4 GPA."

And Stanford is recruiting you, right?

"Yeah, they are."

What's going to be a big factor in your decision?

"The college that best fits my profile, basically."

What's important - the education, playing for a national championship...

"Definitely the chance to play for a national championship. If the school has a good tradition, a good winning tradition in basketball."

How about the education?

(Laughs) "Yeah, that's good, too."

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