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Receiver Joe Cowan's injury looks to be more serious than anticipated; one of the two quarterbacks fighting it out for the starting spot is struggling in his first three days; a player on defense is bound to be one of the best on the team, and the post-practice comments from Head Coach Karl Dorrell...

The team donned its shells (shoulder pads and helmets) for the first time this fall Wednesday. It wasn't a great practice, with both the offensive and defensive units looking sloppy and rusty. But it's to be expected, just the third practice into fall camp.

Ben Olson looked the best at quarterback. Patrick Cowan struggled the first two days of camp and again today.

The walk-on quarterback, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, is easily the best walk-on QB to come to UCLA in years. In fact, in his third day of camp he looked better than some scholarship quarterbacks in their third practice as freshmen. In the #14 jersey, being about 6-2, he looks strikingly like Drew Olson, or a young Drew Olson, physically. He throws a decent ball and has a pretty good presence.

Safety Chris Horton could not only be the best defensive player on the team, but perhaps the best player overall. His aggressiveness, nose for the ball and ability to hit will be something UCLA hasn't seen at safety for a while.

A few noteworthy plays in the 7-on-ys and 11-on-11s:

-- Middle linebacker Christian Taylor made a nice stop at the line of a running back. -- Chris Horton stood up a running back at the line of scrimmage. -- Freshman receiver Dominique Johnson made a nice grab of a high pass over the middle in traffic. -- Olson threw a fade to Brandon Breazell, who swiftly turned it up the sideline for a big gain. -- Bruce Davis batted down a pass. -- On a blitz, cornerback Matt Slater jumped so high that Olson's pass hit him in the numbers in the backfield.

Receiver Marcus Everett will not participate in practice until Saturday, due to the passing away of a grandparent.

Recruits from Los Angeles Verbum Dei, defensive end/linebacker Akeem Ayers and receiver Reggie Dunn, attended practice.

Head Coach Karl Dorrell commented about more after practice:

Karl Dorrell's Post-Practice Comments -- Watch Video

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