Wednesday Video of Dorrell & Notes

Head Coach Karl Dorrell says in a post-practice video interview why Wednesday's morning practice made some progress, on both sides of the ball. He also talks about what players are probably out for this Saturday's scrimmage. One defensive player looks like he's cementing a starting spot at linebacker...

Head Coach Karl Dorrell does a pretty thorough job in covering the status of the injured players in his post-practice video interview below.

In addition, cornerback Rodney Van was in a red, no-hit jersey.

The 1s and 2s were getting mixed and matched more in Wednesday's morning practice.

On defense, with defensive ends Bruce Davis and Nikola Dragovic still not 100%, redshirt freshman Chinonso Anyanwu took his turn with the 1s.

Kevin Brown was with the first-string DL also, along with Kenneth Lombard at the other tackle spot and Justin Hickman.

Again, with two big DEs out, the younger, inexperienced players moved up the depth chart for the day. Jeff Miller, the freshman DE, worked with the twos for some reps, and he had one of the best defensive plays of the day when he intercepted an inside screen and returned it up the sideline.

Williams Snead worked at DE with the second string, and Brigham Harwell and Chase Moline were with the 2s at DT.

Freshmen DTs Jerzy Sierwierski and Darius Savage worked with the 3s and 4s.

It appears that Aaron Whittington is continuing to cement his claim on the starting weakside linebacker position. He is now consistently working with the ones, and taking advantage of the time there, making plays. Not only is Whittington looking good against the run, but very solid against the pass.

The second-string LBs today were generally Korey Bosworth at strongside linebacker, Kyle Bosworth at middle linebacker and Eric McNeal at weakside linebacker. Reggie Carter lined up today as a weakside linebacker, alternating some with McNeal.

The third-string LBs consisted of Fred Holmes at SSLB, Chad Moline at middle, and Shawn Oatis on the weakside. Freshman Tobi Umodu has yet to crack into that rotation.

First-string middle linebacker Christian Taylor seems to always been in the right spot at the right time. It will just be a matter if he's physical enough to be effective consistently when he's in the right spot.

Freshman Alterraun Verner continues to look like the one true freshman who will make the biggest impact, working with the 2s at cornerback, getting time with the 1s in nickel and dime alignments, and looking solid doing it. He made a nice hit on a fullback catching the ball out of the backfield behind the line of scrimmage today.

Quarterback Ben Olson had a better practice than those of the last three days, but you wouldn't go as far as to say it was a really good one. He looked more poised and confident, and made some quicker decisions and better throws. Olson's best rep of the day was a nice ball with touch over the top to Marcus Everett down the middle, who beat Rodney Van. He also hit Andrew Baumgartner with a nice rope on a seam pattern, catching safety Dennis Keyes out of position.

Cowan didn't have a very good day, missing throws to wide open receivers on a number of occasions, or holding the ball long enough to get a virtual sack.

As Dorrell comments, it appears that freshman receiver Terrence Austin will get serious consideration at punt returner.

Freshman running back Christian Ramirez has shown a real penchant for blocking punts, doing so a few times in the last several practices.

Chris Conte, the 6-3, 180-pound safety prospect from Los Angeles Loyola, attended this morning's practice. Conte is verbally committed to Cal, but looks to be still considering UCLA.

Los Angeles Crenshaw junior wide receiver Kemonte Bateman attended practice for the second time.

Monday's two practices will be the last ones open to the public. More than likely they will be at 9:00-11:15, and 3:30-5:30. It's undetermined yet if they'll be on Spaulding Field or the IM Field.

Jeff Davis (aka smilingjeffrey) provides us a detailed practice report. For more from BRO message board posters, go to the BRO Premium Football Message Board.

Dorrell's Post-Practice Comments -- Watch Video

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