Pleasant Still Wide Open

The #35 linebacker prospect in the country, Demarrio Pleasant, has his list of favorites dominated by midwest schools, but UCLA is also in there and he says he wants to learn quite a bit more before he decides...

Demarrio Pleasant, 6-3, 220, Lewisville (Tex.) High, sounds like he's a very tired young man this summer. Besides keeping in football shape, the #35-ranked linebacker prospect in the natios works in a freezer at night four days a week stacking milk cartons.

Not only is it making him some extra money and building some muscle, it's providing him some insight into recruiting also. When asked if he could play in cold weather, he deadpanned, "Well, I'm working in a freezer right now."

Pleasant said his schools of interest are basically holding steady. He named Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska as his leaders, but also added that he's interested in UCLA and Texas A&M.

But he emphasized that he's wide open, and wants to take his time in making a decision. "I don't know where I'd trip right now," Pleasant said. "I want to take all five visits before deciding." He said he actually didn't have a preference for an area of the country, and said he's never been to the west coast and would be interested in seeing it. He even said he didn't have a preference for a big city or small town environment. "It doesn't matter. I can adjust to either one."

He said that he likes a few coaches that have been recruiting him, and likes it when the coaches take the time to get to know him better, but he said that currently no school has emerged among the pack for him. "There really isn't one that is standing out right now. And there isn't even one that is showing more interest than the others."

His father, Dwayne, said that he doesn't have a preference of school for his son. "We just want to make sure he likes the school. That it's in a good area with a good atmosphere, that he gets along with the team and the coaches and he's comfortable." Distance isn't a factor for the parents either. ""Not at all. Wherever he goes he just can look in the stands and he'll see us."

When asked about potential visits, Dwayne said he thought his son wouldn't visit the Texas schools, since he's pretty familiar with them.

Pleasant said he has a 2.5 GPA and hasn't received the results of the SAT or ACT he took in spring.

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