Dorrell Talks of Olson/Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks about the naming of Ben Olson as the starter for the Utah game, how tired the team is, and how there have been a couple of position changes since the scrimmage. The quarterbacks didn't have a sharp day this morning, and this afternoon is the last practice open to the public...

As we reported earlier, Head Coach Karl Dorrell named Ben Olson as the starter at quarterback for the Utah game September 2nd.

It was expected, and Dorrell comments about it in the post-practice video interview below.

The team practiced in shells for the morning practice, on Spaulding Field.

Personnel Issues:

-- Defensive tackle Kevin Brown is still not participating in practice, but stood on the sideline icing his ankle sprain.

-- Safety Robert Kibble went through a few reps without a helmet.

-- Tight end J.J. Hair is still not practicing.

-- There is nothing new on wide receiver Joe Cowan.

-- Offensive tackle Tony Lee did not practice.

-- Michael Norris, the cornerback, had a large brace on his left knee, and Dorrell comments about it in the video.

-- Cornerback Matt Slater still has an injured right shoulder and was in a sling.

-- Receiver Gavin Ketchum participated in drills, but not the scrimmages. Marcus Everett is still experiencing some tightness in his hamstring and only practiced on a limited basis. Ryan Moya looked like he was full-go.

-- Freshmen Jeremy McGee and Christian Ramirez donned blue jerseys for the first time in practice, both being moved to defense from running back. McGee, now #6, was moved to cornerback, and Ramirez, still #21, was moved to safety.

It was cited that the two were moved because of thinness in the secondary, with injuries to Norris, Slater and Kibble. Ironically, on the day that McGee and Ramirez moved from running back, both running backs Kahlil Bell and Derrick Williams were dinged a bit in practice. Their status is unknown but not considered serious.

Freshman Chane Moline stayed with the offense, and mostly worked with the fullbacks Monday.

It wasn't a crisp day for the offense in the 7-on-7s or 11-on-11s. On the day Olson was named the starter, he struggled in completing passes, with a majority of his throws being incompletions. The best pass play of the day was easily a 50-yard bomb to Brandon Breazell up the sideline that Olson laid out well.

Patrick Cowan also struggled to complete passes today. Cowan threw a pick to Chris Horton, throwing completely across the field on a long out that Horton easily stepped in front of to grab. He also threw into coverage down the middle of the field, and the pass was tipped into the hands of safety Aaron Ware for another interception.

For most of practice, though, the quarterbacks didn't complete a pass longer than 8 yards down the field. There were also a good number of drops by the receivers.

The second-string OL consists of Brian Abraham at strongside tackle, Nick Ekbatani at strongside guard, Nathaniel Skaggs as center, P.J. Irvin at weakside guard and true freshman Micah Kia at weakside tackle.

This afternoon's practice at 3:30 is the last open to the public.

We'll have comments from Olson, Cowan, McGee and more on video coming later.

Dorrell after Monday morning's practice -- Watch Video

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