Dorrell Makes a Request of Fans

The team has a practice with no pads, just three days before the Utah game. One player who is ineligible has a chance to be eligible for Saturday, while Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks about Junior Taylor's knee brace and makes a special request of all UCLA fans for Saturday's game...

UCLA announced that Eric McNeal, the senior weakside linebacker, might be eligible to play on Saturday. It's a matter of a professor who is overseas submitting the proper paperwork for a class that McNeal had passed. It's questionable whether the professor would be able to get it submitted in time for the game Saturday.

Mike Norris was still in a knee brace and is clearly unable to play on Saturday.

The team practiced in just jerseys and helmets -- no pads, with the 1s and 2s going against the scout teams that simulate Utah's units for most of practice.

Karl Dorrell's Post-Practice Comments -- Watch Video

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