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Michael Pitre and UCLA are pursuing getting the fullback another year of eligibility.

He has used his redshirt year, so he'd have to show the NCAA that he missed the better part of two seasons because of injury.


Tracy Pierson: I believe Renardo Sidney, the 6-10 prospect at Los Angeles Fairfax, and currently the #2-ranked player in the national class of 2009, will be a Bruin.

There are a few factors leading me to believe this:

UCLA, after losing on the Wear twins, is now pursuing Sidney seriously. They had previously not been, and hadn't offered him. I haven't heard that they've offered him yet, but I would suspect they will soon.

Sidney told the Riverside Enterprise this weekend that he won't leave California for college.

From what I know, Sidney, after moving to Los Angeles from Mississippi, loves it here. When he said he won't leave California, he means L.A., specifically UCLA or USC.

The L.A. market is where he wants to be.

So, why will he pick UCLA over USC?

First, I would bet the Sidneys want Renardo to be on the national college basketball stage, playing in Final Fours. He has a better chance of that at UCLA than at USC.

You could bet they like how they see UCLA using Kevin Love. They're probably looking at Love's freshman year and are thinking it's the blueprint for Renardo.

Also, Sidney has had a bit of a tarnished reputation, with questions about his dedication, work ethic and attitude. Which program will clean up that reputation better -- UCLA or USC? They could be thinking that playing under Howland is the best thing Sidney could do to clean up his rep in the eyes of NBA GMs.

I think many of these factors will make Sidney a Bruin. If we hear UCLA does indeed offer Sidney, I can't see too much standing in the way for him to commit.


UCLA asssistant Scott Garson took a trip to Cameroon in search of prospects. UCLA feels it could use the exposure it's received with Cameroonian players Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Alfred Aboya to recruit prospects in that African nation.

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