Randy Taylor -- A Scout's Report

Randy Taylor reviews the prospects he watched last weekend at various high school football games, including UCLA commit, Akeem Ayers, who he raves about, and more UCLA recruits like Reggie Dunn and elite junior DB Rahim Moore...

First, let me say, God Bless America, the victims and their loved ones who suffered on 9/11. Let's never forget their sacrifice and courage.

This is the second in my series of reports that will run throughout the football season. As a part of my job as a scout, I like to see prospects in person to check body type, confirm height and weight and get an overall feel for the player, i.e. how he carries himself, is he a tough kid, can he move his feet, etc. I consider myself another set of eyes, not the final word, but just another man's opinion.

Every week I attend anywhere from seven to ten games starting on Thursday with an early high school game and finishing up on Saturday watching several junior college games. I try to get to as many pre game warm ups as possible because that's the best time to evaluate a player. That's where you can see the kid's individual skills, feet, quickness, athleticism, etc.

My notes on the top prospects from these games will be reported here for you to learn more about some of the special players in California.

Thursday, September 7, 2006 – Lawndale HS vs. Inglewood HS

*Cameron Graham: Defensive Line, 6-3 245, Inglewood HS, Senior

Cameron is a thick, good looking kid, is athletic, can run, and uses his hands well. He looks like a good DT prospect at the next level, could play defensive end as well, but has the body to get bigger and play inside where he could use his quickness and athleticism to be a tough guy to block. As a tight end, he's very effective as he catches the ball with his hands and is hard to tackle. Graham could possibly play fullback also.

Overall, Cameron is a guy who is still raw and developing; some school will take him and have a potential 2 – 3 year starter at least.

Friday, September 8, 2006 – Dorsey HS vs. LA Jordan HS

*Rahim Moore: Safety, 6-0 185, Dorsey HS, Junior (Top UCLA prospect)

Among the several college prospects for the Dons, Rahim stands out. He is a sudden player, can lay the wood as he attacks the ball carrier, has good instincts and is active. Moore makes a lot of plays in pass coverage and at the line of scrimmage.

This guy is probably an early offer guy and I've only seen him play a quarter and a half.

*Antwoine Baker: Safety, 6-0.5 175, LA Jordan HS, Senior

Baker is very raw, has feet, long arms, shows a burst and has room to grow. He'll get bigger, stronger and faster when he gets in a college weight program which is what he needs. With his natural gifts and physical development at the next level, he'll be a guy who can cover the slot receiver and still force the run. I wouldn't expect him to have the early success that his former teammate, Ricky Thenarse has had at Nebraska, but he'll be a good talent to have in the secondary for several years.

Friday, September 8, 2006 – Verbum Dei vs. Compton HS

*Akeem Ayers: Defensive End/Wide Receiver, 6-2.5 215, Verbum Dei HS, Senior (UCLA Commit)

I'm looking forward to evaluating Akeem's NFL ranking for the draft in a few years. What can't he do is a better question, he kicked off, rushed the passer, stopped the run, played receiver, led cheers and got the water for the rest of the team.

Ayers is a little bit of a tweener right now as he needs to put on some good weight to play his ideal position, defensive end. He's going to be a great edge rusher, he can redirect, gets as deep as the ball and chases very well. As a wide receiver he's athletic, has good body control, catches the ball fairly well and will man handle most DBs. UCLA will have fun figuring out where to put him so he can have an immediate impact as a freshman.

Just a note to Verbum Dei fans, don't panic. Curtis Wilson, QB/DB didn't play against Compton and should be back soon. Curtis is the grease that keeps the Verb wheels moving.

*Reggie Dunn: Wide Receiver/Defensive Back, 5-9.5 180, Verbum Dei HS, Senior (UCLA prospect)

Reggie is fast…he's also quick, runs good routes, is getting better at catching the ball each time I see him and has good explosion to get to the ball at its highest point. Reggie might even be able to play some corner using his quickness and make up speed to his advantage. Right now, Dunn is the speed receiver that everyone needs.

*Anthony Wright: Running Back/Safety, 6-0 188, Compton HS, Senior

Before I start talking about Anthony I've got to let you all know about the tremendous atmosphere at Compton High School. From the very good band, great natural grass field, the enthusiastic crowd and even the hot links, (which I had two), wait there's more, the team is well coached, talented and disciplined.

Congratulations to Head Coach, Calvin Bryant, the staff, administration, parents and players at Compton High School.

Now, back to Anthony Wright, who is a versatile competitor, he is a slashing runner, with ok speed, but he's tough, has instincts and runs hard. However, I think he could be a linebacker at the next level. Wright is a little stiff to be a safety with cover responsibilities, and doesn't have the top end speed to be a top running back. However he has a good body and should be able to put on some weight to play the outside linebacker position or the "rover" type strong safety playing near the line of scrimmage. Anthony will hit you and has some explosion. The young man has several offers, will be a very solid player and should excel early on special teams.

*Porter Hill: Defensive Tackle/Tight End, 6-4 270, Compton HS, Senior

"Porterhouse" is an untapped resource. He has feet, athleticism, size and still room to grow. Once he gets in a college weight program he'll blow up and could be a sleeper prospect at the next level. Most importantly though is that he has to figure out, hopefully soon, that he's an offensive lineman in the making. When the light comes on he'll make some coaching staff happy.

*Mike Evans: Safety, 5-9 180, Compton HS, Senior

A savvy competitor makes the plays he's supposed to make, a good football player, with good thickness. Mike's not real big for a safety, but is a good technique guy, doesn't look like he can play corner straight up at a high level, but he can change direction fairly well and could cover a slot receiver. He could play some corner if he's allowed to be physical in press coverage, in the end he's a little bit of a tweener, but he's one of those guys who will get in the right program and be a solid contributor for several years. Transferred from Carson HS.

Friday, September 8, 2006 – Locke HS vs. Fairfax HS

*Courtney Campbell: Offensive Line/Defensive Line, 6-4 250, Fairfax HS, Junior (UCLA prospect)

Courtney plays DL and OL, but I think his upside is as a guard or center at the next level. He moves his feet well and is athletic, can use his hands, but what I like the most is his effort, he competes and will finish. He has the frame to get big and should be one of the top linemen in the state next year. Campbell is already on the radar.

Saturday, September 9, 2006 – Orange Coast College vs. Compton College

*Chris Assily: Safety, 6-0.5 205, Orange Coast College, Sophomore

Chris has played corner and safety while at OCC, but his home should be at safety. He has good size, runs well, is athletic and will hit you, looks like he understands the game. He's also a good punt returner which is where he catches the eye.

Saturday, September 9, 2006 – Palomar College vs. LA Harbor College

*Una Smiley: Offensive Tackle, 6-4.5 280, Palomar College, Sophomore

Is a great looking player, he's what an OL should look like, long arms, very good technique, uses hands well, moves his feet, bends his knees, good quickness, is one of the best offensive linemen in California JC Football talent wise, needs to be more consistent. If he is he'll be on the top of everybody's list.

Saturday, September 9, 2006 – San Bernardino Valley College vs. LA Pierce College

*Mike Taylor: Defensive Tackle, 6-4 280, San Bernardino Valley College, Sophomore

Mike is a good defensive tackle, he can redirect, compete, is still getting bigger, was a DE last fall and has put on good weight, could help a lot of teams immediately, but if he can redshirt he has a chance to be a front line D-Lineman for a BCS school.

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