Dotson Talks at Length

The nationally ranked defensive end from Texas, Alonzo Dotson, talks about the schools he's interested in. He has one official visit set up already...

Alonzo Dotson, 6-4, 225, Alief (Tex.) Hastings, said he has a solid list of five schools heading into his senior year.

He said Texas, UCLA, LSU, Colorado and Oklahoma would be those five. He favors those right now, since they are schools he likes that have offered. "I also like Miami, but they haven't offered," he said. If they did offer, what school would Miami replace in his top five? "Probably Oklahoma."

He only has one official visit set up – to UCLA. "I'm going to UCLA in November/December," Dotson said. "I'm close to setting up an official visit to Colorado, but they want me to be enrolled in school first. Even though I've already set up a visit with UCLA, I may visit Colorado first." Dotson has cousins in the Los Angeles area that he said he's really close with, and his father lives in Colorado. He's only been to California once. "When I was five, we went to Disneyland," he said.

He has visited a few schools unofficially, including Texas twice and Texas A&M, and said he's trying to get to LSU soon.

Dotson did say, though, that right now he really isn't leaning any way among those five. "I'd say I have a medium interest in all of them," he said.

He said he will take all five visits before making a decision. "I'll know right after them. It's hard, though, because coaches are telling me to make a decision, that there's a limited amount of scholarships. But, if they really want me like they say they do, there will be one open."

Dotson talked about his specific attraction to each school:

Colorado: "The coaches are excited about me, and I'm excited about them.. I think I can make an immedicate impact there."

Texas: "Because of how great the competition would be, I feel that will bring my game to a totally higher level."

Oklahoma: "The tradition. And I like the country environment. It's just school and football there."

LSU: "It's close to home. They were the Sugar Bowl champs last year, and have a solid coaching staff. I like Nick Saban."

UCLA: "Definitely the tradition. They get a lot of pub. They're always on TV so the get a lot of exposure. I feel I can make an immediate impact at my position. The coaches are nice. They're recruiting me hard, very hard. I met [Assistant Coach] John Pearce. He's a nice man, real nice. Very family oriented and down to Earth."

Miami: "It was my favorite as a child. They were the national champions last year. They send a lot of players to the league. Their coaching is amazing."

Dotson also said that depth chart will be a factor. "I want to find a school where I could play early," he said. "But I want to watch the depth charts of all the schools, see how the players are moved around."

When it comes to redshirting, Dotson is okay with it. "I would like to play early, but I would have no problem if I had to redshirt. I love to go and get after it, but I also know I could put on weight and learn if I had to redshirt."

Dotson also said he wants to find a college that will give him plenty of opportunities. "What kind of opportunities there are off the field, away from football. Alumni support is very important. Is there life after football? What if I don't make it in the League, will there be connections after football? I still need to make that paycheck."

He's being recruiting as both a defensive end and linebacker, and prefers defensive end. "But whatever allows me to keep the scholarship, that's what I'll do." The school's tradition at the position is also important. "It shows you what kind of coaching that school has at that position."

Dotson said he has a 3.0 core GPA and will re-take the SAT in October.

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