Receiver Gets More Attention

Brandon Carswell, a 6-3, 187-pound wide receiver prospect from Milpitas, Calif., went generally over-looked for a long time -- but no longer. With two Pac-10 scholarship offers already, he's hoping to pick up three more -- from three in-state schools...

Generally overlooked by most of the in-state schools through the summer, Milpitas (Calif.) athlete Brandon Carswell (6-2.5, 187) said things are changing in that regard.

"USC, Cal and UCLA, they have all just came in recently (to a Milpitas game) and I've been talking to them a lot," said Carswell. "I've got seven offers, but none from them. Now, they're all wanting to see me some more and I could end up getting offers."

Cal has been the most active amongst the three, scheduling an official visit for Carswell to come to Berkeley on December 8th. "Cal has come to a few of my games," said Carswell. "USC came this last game and UCLA is coming up next week when they play Cal to watch me."

Carswell said that the two Los Angeles schools have both discussed his status with him and let him know what could be happening next. "I talked with USC and UCLA and they both said that as soon as I get my tape to them, they could go ahead and have me set up a trip since they've seen me before," said Carswell. "So I'm just going to get them my film here soon."

Oregon, UNLV, Idaho and Arizona State had all offered Carswell prior to the season and since then Boise State, Fresno State and Utah have extended offers.

"I'm visiting Fresno State on December 15th and I have a tentative visit with Oregon on November 18th," said Carswell. "All the schools that have offered me have come to see me play."

With USC coaches at Milpitas this past weekend, Carswell, who has been playing quarterback to give his team a playmaker at that position, said he fared okay.

"I did okay, but it was a tough game and we had a lot of people injured," said Carswell. "We only had 28 people, so we were hurting. I rushed for 120 yards and scored a touchdown playing quarterback, but we lost."

Despite being the signal-caller for Milpitas, Carswell didn't hesitate to say his future was at receiver. "Oh I am a receiver, definitely," said Carswell. "I'm helping my team by playing quarterback and I'm playing cornerback, but I'm playing receiver in college."

Carswell said he would take all five of his official visits, and with three of them scheduled, he's hoping that he can round it out with trips to USC and UCLA.

"I want to be comfortable with my decision, so I definitely will know after I take all five," said Carswell. "There have been a lot of schools just coming to me. I was kind of under the radar and all of the sudden these teams are starting to show some interest. These are schools that I see on TV, and I speak with the coaches. I like the way that they play. I have them all in the mix now so I need to take my time."

Carswell said that his GPA was making a significant move upward and that he's getting closer and closer to being where he needs to be academically. "We just had our sixth week grades in and I had a lot As and Bs," said Carswell, who has scored a 1450 on the SAT. On the year, Carswell has 866 yards rushing on 89 carries and 10 touchdowns, has thrown for 706 yards and four touchdowns and caught five passes for a touchdown. He's added 21 tackles from his cornerback spot.

Last season, Carswell had 32 receptions for 711 yards and 11 touchdowns while adding six touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns (250 yards on the ground). Defensively, he had 38 tackles and eight interceptions.

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