Derrick Williams: To Commit or Trip?

The talented two-way athlete from Bellflower St. John Bosco, Derrick Williams, has a bit of a dilemma: To commit or take official visits...

Derrick Williams, 5-11, 195, 4.5, Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco, still has UCLA as his favorite school, but says he's just not ready make a commitment.

"My favorite right now is UCLA, but I'm not sure I want to make a commitment yet," Williams said. "I have followed them for a long time. I like the offense coordinator at UCLA, Kelly Skipper. He is one of the coaches that has followed me since I was a freshman."

Williams has offers on the table from UCLA, Arizona, Colorado, Colorado State and Vanderbilt. He is also receiving mail from more than a dozen other schools. "Lately it has been a lot of Pac-10 schools like UCLA, Oregon and Washington," he said.

Williams is one of the best two-way football players in the west, excelling at both running back and defensive back. As a junior he averaged 8.5 yards a carry and scored 12 touchdowns on offense. He also totaled 61 tackles and three interceptions on defense.

As reported on Bruin Report Online, Williams would like to take some trips before deciding on a school. "I just want to find the best school for me," he said. But he has been getting some advice from a couple Bosco alums that is contrary to that. "I often hear from a couple of my old teammates (Marcus Cassel and Paul Mociler) that go to UCLA. They definitely want me to go there. I want to take my (official) trips, but talking to my friends who are playing in college now, if I take a couple (of trips) and really love one school I should make the decision. So I really don't know right now how many trips I may take. I've taken one unofficial trip to UCLA. I haven't had a lot of time during the summer with baseball keeping me busy." Yes, Williams is also an accomplished baseball player, a centerfielder, who is looking toward the 2003 Major League draft. "I'm hoping to sign a pro contract and play college football kind of like Matt Ware at UCLA," Williams said. "If I don't sign a contract, I would like to play both sports in college."

UCLA offered Williams after he had an excellent Nike camp in Palo Alto last spring, but his baseball schedule kept from attending other football camps through the summer.

"I've been working out with both the football and baseball teams until about a week ago when football practice ended," Williams said. "It will pick up again in two weeks when our camp week starts before the regular season begins."

If Williams did go to UCLA, how would that sit on the home front? "Well, my sister went to USC. She graduated two years ago. We sometimes tease each other about the fact she went there, and I'm looking at UCLA."

Williams carries a 3.2 GPA and scored a 980 on his first SAT. He is qualified.

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