London is in "Paradise"

The true freshman linebacker from Virginia, Justin London, talks about his first couple of days of practice, and how he drove cross country to UCLA, what he describes as "paradise"...

So, how was it coming to UCLA to report for practice?

"Oh, My God. I can't believe it. It's amazing out here. Some of the guys were talking, ‘It's hot, it's hot.' I felt great. I felt like it was 70 out here. It's just so humid back home. It's great to be here and it felt like paradise when I got here."

Do the California guys think it's hot?

"Nah, we're all together. I'm probably enjoying it more than they are because I'm from Virginia. I'm appreciating it greatly."

With a big linebacker class, has there been some linebacker bonding?

Yeah, we have a great core. We have a lot of good recruits in, just not linebackers. There's going to be some competition for playing time. We have Marcus (Reese) and a couple others on the roster here at linebacker who are very good. But we're going to have a beast of a backup group I think. We're looking forward to competition, and we're looking to compete as freshmen."

How do you feel physically?

"I weigh 223 right now, and that's a little low. I spent a week in a car driving out here, so I lost a few pounds on the trip. But my feet are quicker, faster, so it's allright."

Where'd you stop in that week car trip?

"We stopped in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Odessa, Texas, which is practically nowhere, Coach Dove, where he's from. And stopped up at the Grand Canyon and then came here to L.A. We went through the heat and the desert. Looking at the desert on the way over here, it was great to get here. Happy to be here."

When did you get in to Los Angeles?

"I got in Friday to L.A., came here and got fitted up. And then I went and spent the weekend with my family in San Diego. And came back Monday."

How was orientation? Have they been keeping you busy the first few days?

"Every day I leave my room at 7:00 in the morning and don't go back all day. They're definitely keeping us busy. That's necessary. They're not trying to kill us out here at practice but they're working us. It's a great learning experience and we're all just getting settled and then trying to get better. And I'm looking at it as getting a good head start."

Are you looking forward to the upperclassmen coming in?

"I'm looking very forward to it. I love competition, and I'm looking forward to the guys teaching me, and I can learn from them, and compete at the same time."

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