"The Council"

Head Coach Bob Toledo takes a different approach to team leadership this year with the naming of a player "council"...

Head Coach Bob Toledo has decided on a different approach to monitoring his team, given last season's off-the-field problems. Toledo has implemented what he loosely calls a "council" of players that he'll meet with regularly. It's a group of players that Toledo believes are the leaders of the team, and those that will monitor their fellow teammates' activities and be quick to stop any wrongdoing they witness and tell the coaching staff.

"It's a leadership group," Toledo said. "An advisory council. This suggestion-making body will talk with me on a weekly basis. It's really the leadership of our football team. I'm not going to pick captains this year, but just game captains. These guys, this council, know that they are the guys I've selected to be the leaders of this football team. We have to have great communication between each other. I'm going to give them a lot of responsibility to help this lead this football team."

Toledo named a few of the players on "the council", including Mike Saffer, Rusty Williams, Ricky Manning, Cory Paus, Ryan Smith, Nate Fikse, Marcus Reese, Mike Seidman, and Manuel White. Toledo also said that he'd be naming a freshman to the council this week.

"I've put some pressure on the leaders of this team to have some peer pressure on their teammates," Toledo said. "Ultimately I'm the one that is responsible. I understand that completely. But at some point the players know more than the coaches about what their teammates are doing. If there's a problem, they have to get it stopped. I met with the group yesterday, and told them, if something's going wrong, and they know it's wrong, get it stopped. They have to come to me, and they have to inform me that something's going wrong and I have to try to get it stopped. It's communication. We have to try to continue to communicate with each other."

Even though you might wonder how Cory Paus would be appointed to the council, it was an obvious choice for Toledo. "He's been through it. If anyone knows, he knows," Toledo said. Paus said, "I'm the leader of the offense. I've been here the longest of just about anyone. I know what's going on."

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