Saturday Afternoon's Practice

The Bruins finish their first full day of two practices in Thousand Oaks, and there are some bright spots, including a freshman that the head coach mentions prominently...

Notes on Saturday's afternoon practice:

-- Drew Olson appeared to be getting the snaps of the #2 quarterback, working with the offensive line alternating with Cory Paus on running play drills.

-- Glenn Ohaeri is getting a look at returning kicks.

-- Justin London stood out among the freshmen. He made a nice stop in the practice-ending scrimmage, and forced a fumble. He's very quick to the ball in pursuit.

-- Patrick Pierre-Louis made a couple of nice plays that would have been tackles for loss.

-- Cory Paus and Mike Seidman have a good connection going.

--Spencer Havner perhaps had the best play of the afternoon's practice when, falling back in pass coverage he picked off a Paus pass.

-- Tab Perry made a couple of nice catches. Slimmer, he looks faster running up the field.

--The defensive backfield, while coaches Snow and Littlejohn are constantly on them, made a few good plays. Ricky Manning looked strong in coverage, and Marcus Cassel had a couple of good plays in coverage. Ben Emanuel generally looked strong in coverage also.

--On the day, for both practices, there were quite a few fumbled snaps.

-- The defense rotated units, with a different set of defensive backs, linebackers and linemen playing together.

-- Mike McCloskey, the redshirt freshman center, sat out the afternoon because of the flu.

-- It's interesting that, since the UCLA coaches are off-campus, they can't have any prolonged contact with recruits visiting practice at CLU.

Some of Coach Toledo's comments…

On his impression of the first day of practice…

"First of all, I'm pleased with the facility and what's going on. In talking to the players, they're excited about a change. The people here have treated us very well. I think the effort, attitude, intensity and enthusiasm were really good today. It's the first day of practice so we're raggedy. We don't have a lot of timing and that type of thing. I understand that that will come. I like the effort."

On Rod Leisle sitting out the day…

"Rod Leisle, when he reported, we found out that he sprained his knee in the summer it appears. We don't think it's a real serious sprain but it's a precautionary thing. We don't need him to do a whole lot right now. We just need him to get the leg a little stronger."

On how Cory Paus looked in his first day…

"For a first day, he looks pretty good. It's hard. The timing. You have so many different receivers going in, and they're so excited. It's the first day when guys are rushing them, so things are happening so fast. So, for a first day, I thought he was pretty good."

On Mike Seidman…

"Mike Seidman had a great spring. He has emerged as an outstanding football player on this team. I think if the quarterbacks continue to throw him the ball when he's open he'll make some good plays for us."

On Marcedes Lewis being able to handle the pressure of the hype surrouding him…

"Marcedes Lewis, the thing about him, he's really a mature kind of guy. He has his head on right. He understands. He just wants an opportunity to contribute. He's been great. I've already told him. I said, ‘Marcedes, I'm going to put in some formations and plays for you, give you an opportunity to play as a freshman." I don't he'll feel really any pressure. Not with him. He's such a happy-go-lucky guy that I don't think the pressure will affect him."

On freshmen making impressions on the first day…

"I saw Justin London make some plays today. He was the one who stood out, next to Marcedes. There are probably more but I've been watching so many players."

On what they'll do tonight to generate more team bonding…

" Tonight we're going to show them a video of the New England Patriots. It deals with them coming from behind and how they lose their quarterback and they don't have a bunch of stars. We'll try to do something every night while we're at Cal Lu."

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