Morrow is a DL Target

The big defensive line prospect from Northern California, Alex Morrow, has definitely caught the eye of the Pac-10. He had a favorite school growing up, but says it's now between five Pac-10ers...

Alex Morrow, 6-6, 260, Rohnert Park (Calif.) Rancho Cotate, is emerging as one of the best defensive line prospects in the west, in a year that's pretty deep for DLs.

Morrow has offers from much of the Pac-10. He said his favorite five right now are "Washington, UCLA, USC, Arizona and Oregon." All have offered, except the Bruins, but he said there's a pretty good explanation for it.

"They came to my school in spring," Morrow said. "And I was sick and not even at school that day. So the UCLA coaches said, ‘We'll see you at the Nike Camp in Palo Alto.' But I ended up having a throat infection. My throat swelled shut. So I showed up at Nike but didn't participate that much [he did jump 30 inches in the vertical]. So UCLA has said they'd like to see me in September, and then they would offer."

Growing up, Morrow spent a few years in Burbank, and that got him to be a Bruin fan. "UCLA was my favorite, but then we moved and I realized, when I got to high school, that once I started getting interest from colleges I had to base my decision more on other things than who I just liked as a kid."

So, Morrow said that all five schools are completely even at this point. "I just don't know enough about them yet. But I'm sure it's those five. I want to stay in the Pac-10 and stay close to home." Living in Northern California (Rohnert Part is near Santa Rosa), he said any of the Pac-10 schools are close enough.

Morrow hasn't visited any campuses, and doesn't play to soon. "My practice starts tomorrow (Monday), and I'll be pretty focused on the season for now on." Morrow said, though, that he plans on taking all five official visits, to the schools he's named as his leaders. "I'll try to take some official visits during the season," Morrow said. "We'll see what happens, but that's the plan."

Then Morrow doesn't expect it will take him too long to make up his mind after that. "I wouldn't wait just to wait. I'll probably decided pretty quickly after my last trip."

Morrow cited location, football program and academics as the three main deciding factors. When asked if he was familiar with the locations of any of the schools he's considering, Morrow said, "Well, I really like the area around UCLA a lot."

Morrow said he'll also be watching the teams he's considering this season, to see how they fare. "I've been watching the programs over the last couple of years. Since I've been in high school I've become a pretty big college football fan. So this year I'll be watching a lot."

Being 6-6 and 260, his high school coaches want to utilize him as much as possible this season, he said. "I played defensive tackle last season. This year I'll play defensive end as well as some offensive tackle." Morrow said that he prefers defense and that most college coaches have indicated they're recruiting him for the defensive side of the ball. "How big I get might determine if I'm a defensive end or a defensive tackle. Coaches have asked me what position I want to be recruited for. I like both positions evenly. But I definitely want to play defense." Morrow played in eight games as a defensive tackle last year and had 55 tackles and six sacks.

Morrow said he has a 2.5 GPA and scored a passing 930 on his SAT.

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