60 Recruits Attend USC Game

It certainly was just about the greatest game a potential recruit could witness, and UCLA had at least 60 prospects in attendance, including a sleepers from the 2007 class, and a big contingent from the 2008 class...

If you want to talk about Head Coach Karl Dorrell taking risks, this is a big one that paid off, having three recruits take their official visits for the weekend of the USC game.

The three recruits who were on their official visits looked to be enjoying themselves – S Jordan Bernstine, WR Drew Davis and OL Kristofer O'Dowd.

Davis, by the way, looked like the size of a linebacker.

Also in attendance were committed players DT Brian Price, QB Chris Forcier and RB Raymond Carter.

Senior Recruits:

CB Donovan Warren, S Chris Conte, TE/DE Devin Mahina, LB Terrell Turner, Michael Snead, OL Darrion Weems, CB/WR Ken Overstreet (Locke HS), TE/DE Mikhail Marinovich, S Logan Ketchum, DT Tyrone Duncan, and DB Glenn Love (from Glendale, AZ, Hamilton).

In the locker room after the game, the coaches, while in celebration mode, certainly composed themselves enough to give Love particular, well, love. He's about 6-4.

Junior Recruits: S Rahim Moore, RB E.J. Woods, RB Milton Knox, RB Johnathan Franklin, WR Kemonte Bateman, QB Darius Banks, WR/S Antwon Moutra, QB Ryan Katz, OL Matt Meyer (who looked to be about 6-6, at least, from Stockton Lincoln), LB Dewitt Stuckey (Stockton Lincoln), WR Robbie Boyer (Mater Dei), OL Cameron Meredith (Mater Dei), WR/S Carlo Valdes (Mater Dei), OL Jeff Baca (Mission Viejo), LB Alex Castellanos (Mission Viejo), OL/DL Tyron Smith.

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