Quick Notes from Wednesday Morning

It felt like a quick practice, the first in full pads, this morning. Here's a look at some of the standout moments, especially on defense...

Cory Paus looked better this morning than yesterday, especially in a two-minute drill down the field. He threw the ball much better, with strength and accuracy.

Drew Olson had perhaps the best throw of the morning, a 45-yard beautiful strike to a streaking Tab Perry. Olson, in full pads, looks very big and filled-out.

John Sciarra actually looked tight. He did well in the two-minute drill moving the ball down the field with the short passing game.

Matt Moore didn't get under center much this morning, and looks very thin in full pads.

Manuel White and Akil Harris both alternated between good runs, both looking pretty explosive through the line. Jason Harrison also showed nice rooms on one run.

Garrett Lepisto had the best catch of the day, a 45-yard TD pass from Paus with Glenn Ohaeri draped over him.

Mociler worked with the first team as the starting center.

The defense had more good moments.

Spencer Havner had another nice pick of an underthrown Cory Paus ball, using his height to snag it.

There were quite a fun run stuffs. Probably the most dramatic was by Ryan Boschetti, who put Manuel White on his back behind the line of scrimmage. Brandon Chillar was all over the field, joining Dave Ball in stopped White behind the line on one play. He also looked incredibly quick on a blitz for a sack. Asi Faoa ate up backup offensive tackle Matt Mosebar on one play and caught a runner behind the line. Marcus Reese had a great stop on Harris on a run up the middle. Patrick Pierre-Louis looked very quick, stopping Tyler Ebell for a 4-yard loss.

There were a few other defensive gems. Matt Ware had a glancing hit on a wide receiver, which made him lose the ball. In the last couple of days, if Ware were able to hit, he might have put a few receivers on their backs. Marcus Cassel is playing aggressively, ripping the ball out of the Wendell Mathis's hands on a sweep. Matt Clark had a great pick, stepping in front of a Drew Olson pass with great timing.

More from this afternoon's practice coming later today...

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