Davis Has UCLA a Strong Leader

His UCLA roots are an influence for the defensive end/linebacker from Texas, Bruce Davis, but he said his current preference for the Bruins is much of his own doing...

Bruce Davis, 6-3, 225, League City (Tex.) Clear Creek, said that UCLA is his clear favorite.

"I took a lot of time to think about it this summer," Davis said. "Right now, it's where I think I fit in best. It has the best of both worlds, football and school."

Davis, if you remember, had verbally committed to Texas, and then reneged on that verbal commitment after visiting UCLA for its four-day camp in June.

Davis is the son of the former UCLA player by the same name. Bruce Davis was a UCLA offensive tackle from 1975 to 1978. That connection to UCLA has been significant.

"Well, that's why I know about UCLA so well, so yes, the fact that both of my parents went there is a factor," Davis said.

The Davis family is also close to the McNeal family, as in Eric, the freshman safety. McNeal's parents attended UCLA with Bruce's parents and have been friends since college. Davis said, "Eric and I have known each other since we were born. When I went out there in June, we spent some time together, which was good. Our moms talk on the phone all the time."

All of these UCLA connections have helped influence Davis somewhat, but he maintains it will be his own decision. "Some of my preference for UCLA right now has to do with the influence from my parents, but a lot of it isn't. It just feels like the right place for me."

Davis, who is also still considering Texas, as well as Colorado, Arkansas, TCU and Missouri, sounds pretty certain, but he said he wants to take his time and be sure of his decision before he decides. "I want to really give it time. I want to get my entire family involved. I just want to make sure."

Davis said that that making-sure process might include a couple of official visits. "I know I'm going to UCLA and Colorado for sure. Other than that, I'm not sure. I won't trip to Texas. I've been there so many times."

With college coaches able to start calling recruits again in September, many schools might start putting on more pressure. Is there a chance he could change his mind on UCLA? "Well, every school will put on pressure. There are still a lot of schools I haven't talked to. There's a possibility I could find something I like more. But right now UCLA feels right."

Davis said that the UCLA coaching staff had a lot to do with UCLA feeling right to him, as well as his potential major. "I want to major in biology or anatomy and maybe be a doctor," Davis said. "And there isn't a better place than UCLA. W I went to camp there, the team and the coaching staff were great. I'm getting recruited by Coach Pearce and Coach Johnson. I got to work with Coach Johnson and he's a great coach. I think I'd learn a lot from him. It just all around felt like a good place for me."

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